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The Wilderness is a documentary from Crooked Media and Two-Up about the history and future of the Democratic Party. Pod Save America’s Jon Favreau tells the story of a party finding its way out of the political wilderness through conversations with strategists, historians, policy experts, organizers, and voters. In fifteen chapters, the series explores issues like inequality, race, immigration, sexism, foreign policy, media strategy, and how Democrats can build a winning majority that lasts.

Episode List!

Chapter One Listen Now!
The Democracy

How did we get here? The history of the Democratic Party, from its birth in the 1820s through the election of Barack Obama.

Chapter Two Listen Now!
The Change

What is Barack Obama’s legacy? A closer look at how an historic presidency shaped the party and the country.

Chapter Three Listen Now!
The Nightmare

Why did Democrats lose the 2016 election? The candidates, campaigns, and conditions that led to America’s worst person becoming president.

Chapter Four Listen Now!
The Voters

How do we fix what’s wrong with the Democratic Party? Focus groups of Democratic voters in Texas and Michigan, along with thousands of callers, offer their views.

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July 23rd

Chapter 5
The Backlash

How do we fight for justice and equality in the face of racism? The struggle to break the cycle of progress and backlash that defines race and politics in America.

Coming Soon!
July 30th

Chapter 6
The Big We

How can Democrats build a multiracial coalition that adds up to an electoral majority? A discussion about whether it’s necessary or possible to win back voters we’ve lost.

Coming Soon!
August 6th

Chapter 7
The Newcomers

What’s the best way to fight for a humane immigration policy? Immigration advocates talk about the decisions that shaped the debate and where we go from here.

Coming Soon!
August 13th

Chapter 8
The 1%

Why do we have an historic level of inequality in this country? The economic transformations and political decisions that have diminished the American Dream.

Coming Soon!
August 13th

Chapter 9
The Second Bill of Rights

What does a bold, progressive economic agenda look like? Policy experts talk about the big ideas that can shape the Democratic Party’s platform.

Coming Soon!
August 20th

Chapter 10
The Blob

How can Democrats avoid conventional thinking on foreign policy? A discussion about what a new era of American leadership might look like.

Coming Soon!
August 27th

Chapter 11
The Filter

How can Democrats break through in today’s media environment? A strategy for rethinking the way we communicate with the public.

Coming Soon!
September 4th

Chapter 12
The Party

How democratic should the Democratic Party be? The evolving relationship between party leaders and grassroots organizers.

Coming Soon!
September 10th

Chapter 13
The Bench

How can we recruit a new generation of winning candidates? Three young, recently-elected Democrats talk about what it’s like to run for office.

Coming Soon!
September 17th

Chapter 14
The Ceiling

What are the unique challenges facing women in politics? A first-time candidate who’s running to be a state legislator tells her story.

Coming Soon!
September 24th

Chapter 15
The Story

What story should we tell about America? In the series finale, we discuss the Democratic Party’s message in 2018.

Guest List!

Adam GAFFNEY / Adam SERWER / Ady BARKAN / Ali NOORANI / Amanda LITMAN / Amy MITCHELL / Andy SLAVITT / Anna ESKAMANI / Becky BOND / Ben RHODES / Brian BEUTLER / Bruce REED / Cecilia MUNOZ / Celinda LAKE / Charlie SYKES / Clare MALONE / Cornell BELCHER / Dan PFEIFFER / Dan WAGNER / Danica ROEM / David AXELROD / David BINDER / David FRUM / David PLOUFFE / Eric HOLDER / Faiz SHAKIR / Gene SPERLING / Greisa MARTINEZ / Heather MCGHEE / Jake SULLIVAN / Jane KLEEB / Jen O'MALLEY DILLON / Jen PALMIERI / Jennifer CARROLL FOY / Jill LEPORE / Jocelyn KILEY / Keith ELLISON / Kelly DITTMAR / Kristen SOLTIS ANDERSON / Laura OLIN / Lina KHAN / Lynn VAVRECK / Marcia CHATELAIN / Marcy WHEELER / Matt DUSS / Michael KAZIN / Michelle GOLDBERG / Neera TANDEN / Nicco MELE / Rahm EMANUEL / Rebecca TRAISTER / Rich YESELSON / Robert REICH / Ruy TEIXEIRA / Samantha POWER / Sean MCELWEE / Seth MOULTON / Stephanie KELTON / Symone SANDERS / Tanya SOMANADER / Theda SKOCPOL / Thomas EDSALL / Tiffany MULLER / Tom PEREZ / Van JONES