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Your Antibody Is A Wonderland

  • New antibody data from the CDC indicates that only 1 in 10 COVID-19 cases in the country have been identified. That still means more than 90 percent of the country hasn’t had the virus.
  • Incidences of police brutality continue to be reported around the country. Three officers resigned and the police chief offered his resignation in Tucson, where Carlos Ingram-Lopez died in police custody. In New York, an NYPD officer was charged with using an illegal chokehold.
  • And in headlines: the Supreme Court says asylum seekers can’t challenge their deportations in court, the Democratic Republic of the Congo ends its Ebola outbreak, and The Dixie Chicks reinvent themselves.
    We’re taking a weeklong summer hiatus! We’ll be back on Monday, July 6th.

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