February 20, 2018
Pod Save The People
The World We Want to Live In (LIVE from Washington, D.C.)

In This Episode

DeRay, Sam, Clint and Brittany are live from The Lincoln Theatre. Washington Post’s Wesley Lowrey joins the news crew fresh from his time with students at Parkland High, and Ben Jealous joins to talk about legalizing marijuana and the Baltimore PD. Black Panther is discussed at length, but no spoilers, we promise.

Show notes:

NYT: A Prisoner Got a Book Deal. Now the State Wants Him to Pay for His Imprisonment.

The Intercept: While The Media Panicked About Campus Leftists, The Far Right Surged

NPR: Trump Administration Wants To Decide What Food SNAP Recipients Will Get

Black Panther Challenge

Washington Post: ‘No more guns!’: Florida students rally to denounce political inaction after 17 killed in school shooting

NPR: Baltimore Police Officers Convicted In Corruption Scandal

CBS: Four female prison guards impregnated by same inmate


Organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson takes you inside conversations about culture, social justice, and politics by exploring the history, language, and people who are shaping the struggle for progress — and talking about the steps that each of us can take to make a difference. Each week brings a news analysis, followed by deep conversations about social, political and cultural issues with experts, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders.


Photos by Reginald Cunningham 

Pod Save The People