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Winter Break Encore Part II with Ben Howe and Adam Savage

First, [3:05] we revisit Ana’s interview with Red State contributor and Never Trump stalwart Ben Howe (@benhowe) about what the Left can learn from the Tea Party. Ben also discusses how leaving the conservative movement has changed his thinking on social issues like abortion. Then, [56:41] another throwback to when Adam Savage (“Mythbusters,” Tested.com) joined the pod to help a WFLT listener whose sister has embraced right-wing conspiracy theories.

BONUS: join Ana on a journey through the editor’s comments on Milo Yiannopoulos’ pulled manuscript, which Simon & Schuster submitted to court as evidence the book was bad.

You can read the manuscript here: https://iappscontent.courts.state.ny.us/NYSCEF/live/EXHIBIT_B.pdf

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