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February 07, 2020
With Friends Like These
We Can Be Heroes (with Susan Neiman)

In This Episode

In Germany, studying the Holocaust — and the part everyday Germans played in it — is part of the school curriculum. There are memorials to the Jewish lives lost throughout the country, but they do not memorialize Nazis who died. Contrast this with the American South.

This week Susan Neiman, author of the book, Learning From the Germans, joins Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) to explain what we can learn from the Germans about regret and repentance.

They talk about the inspiration for writing the book, how a museum exhibit helped change German opinion, and why language matters when we talk about monuments on an international scale. These are not normal times and we all have the ability to make change. What should our next steps be?

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Find out more about Susan Neiman’s book here.

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