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Majority 54 with Jason Kander

Trump vs. The Intelligence Community

Today I’m introducing you to former CIA officer A.J. Twombly for insight on the Trump Administration’s campaign against the American intelligence community. The President does a lot of talking about them and they don’t get to answer back. As a former Army intelligence officer myself, I know how I feel about his rhetoric, and I thought it was important to talk to a non-military individual in intelligence to see how they view the current environment.

Common talking points we’ll answer:

– Whether the intelligence community has a political agenda

– Whether we should just move on from all the Russia stuff

Important links:

AJ Twombly: @ajftwombly

Jason: @jasonkander

Kemet Coleman: @kemetthephantom

​Comments and Questions: ​ @Majority54

O’Hara’s Restaurant & Pub: http://www.oharaspubnyc.com/

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