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October 02, 2020
What A Day
The President Has Covid-19

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  • In a tweet overnight, President Trump said that he and the first lady had tested positive for the coronavirus. The news comes after a White House aid, Hope Hicks, tested positive. She had been traveling with the President in recent days, including to the debate on Tuesday.
  • House Dems passed a new slimmed down relief package yesterday, but Republicans still say it’s too expensive. In the meantime, layoffs continue across industries and about half the jobs that were lost between February and April still haven’t returned.
  • The Senate officially subpoenaed the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter for a hearing on how they moderate content that’s posted on their platforms. As the election nears, Facebook says it is adding additional restrictions to political ads that will go into effect immediately, but critics stay it’s still nowhere near enough.
  • Special guest Yedoye Travis joins for the headlines: the DOJ’s task force on policing gets halted because it’s almost all policemen, skateboarding cranberry juice guy boosts Fleetwood Mac’s sales numbers, and closing the loop on a British zoo’s swearing birds.