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February 08, 2024
What A Day
The Case for Amendment 4

In This Episode

  • The Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments about Amendment 4 — a constitutional amendment that would guarantee the right to abortion up until the point of fetal viability in the state’s constitution. Justices must approve the language of the amendment proposed by abortion advocates before it can be put on the ballot in November. We’re joined by Anna Hochkammer, Councilmember for PineCrest Florida and Executive Director of Florida Women’s Freedom Coalition, to learn more about Amendment 4 and how it would protect women and pregnant people in the state if passed.
  • Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the latest Hamas counterproposal for a ceasefire. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Egypt and Qatar working on mediation between Hamas and Israel. He also met with Netanyahu and other Israeli officials in Jerusalem.
  • And in headlines: the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about whether or not Trump is eligible to be president again, Senate Republicans turned around and shot down the big border-security-and-foreign-aid compromise plan they’d been demanding for months, and the Environmental Protection Agency tightened standards for fine particle pollution.


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