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Talking About the Debates

DeRay, Brittany, Clint and Sam share overlooked news to help inform your perspective as you watch this week’s presidential debates. Then, DeRay is joined by presidential candidate Julián Castro to discuss his People First Policing policy proposal and how he is preparing for Wednesday’s debate.

Show Notes

  • NYT: At Town Hall, Pete Buttigieg Confronts Tensions Around South Bend Police Shooting
  • WaPo: She was stereotyped as ‘the welfare queen.’ The truth was more disturbing, a new book says.
  • NYT: Chennai, an Indian City of Nearly 5 Million, Is Running Out of Water
  • BBC: Chennai water crisis: ‘We can’t do anything’
  • Daily Beast: Oregon Statehouse Shut Down After Lawmakers Flee, Right-Wing Militia Announce Protest
  • Julián Castro for President

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