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June 12, 2021
Lovett Or Leave It
Pride Plus Some Wrath (200th episode!)

In This Episode

Guy Branum joins to break down the week’s news. Lovett quizzes Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor to mark 200 episodes of Lovett or Leave It. Tara Houska talks about the end of Keystone XL and the fight against Line 3 in Minnesota. And it’s a very special (and shattering) Rant Wheel as Akilah Hughes, Emily Heller, Travis Helwig, Elisa Gutierrez, and Emily “Jeff Ross” Favreau get too honest about this very podcast. Plus, Naomi Ekperigin, Josh Gad, Langston Kerman, Michaela Watkins, and the Crooked Family call in to wish Lovett a big congrats for his unparalleled accomplishment.


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Lovett Or Leave It