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Jon, Jon & Tommy's first ever book is here - Order Democracy or Else NOW! Jon, Jon & Tommy's first ever book is here - Order Democracy or Else NOW!

About this Podcast

Quizzes! Impressions! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion.

Every Saturday, former Obama speechwriter and self-described “comedian” Jon Lovett is joined live on stage by a killer lineup of comics, journalists, politicians, and celebrities – who may or may not know why they’re there – to break down the biggest and dumbest stories in politics and culture. 


And now because there’s too much news for just one show, join Jon and friends (i.e. beloved producers who have to be there) every Tuesday for a rundown of the latest headlines to help get you through another flawless week in our perfect society.


Plus for those who like to watch (*wink*), you can catch all the funniest moments and gayest chaos on the Lovett or Leave It YouTube channel. So check us out there, and listen to Lovett or Leave It wherever you get your podcasts.

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What A Weekday: Sugar, We’re Going Down Kinging
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June 29, 2024
Debait and Switch? (Live from Boston!)
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Special Guest Hosts Announced!

Grab your tickets for Lovett or Leave It’s weekly live show in Los Angeles. Special guest hosts include: Andy Richter, Larry Wilmore, Matt Rogers, Ian Karmel, Langston Kerman and Guy Branum.

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