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January 28, 2021
Pod Save America
“Go Big or Lose Small.”

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Senate Republicans seem likely to exonerate the man who incited a mob that almost killed them, and our new Crooked Media/Change Research Pollercoaster series shows that Joe Biden’s agenda is extremely popular and MAGA media continues to radicalize its audience. Then Ezra Klein of The New York Times talks to Jon about ending the filibuster and the future of democracy.




NYT: Republicans Rally Against Impeachment Trial, Signaling Likely Acquittal for Trump
CNN: Rand Paul calls impeachment ‘dead on arrival’ after most Republicans signal that trial is unconstitutional
WaPo: Nearly all GOP senators vote against impeachment trial for Trump, signaling likely acquittal
WaPo: Three weeks after the insurrection, Senate Republicans again close ranks around Trump – Only five have consistently voted in opposition to Trump’s post-election actions
Politico: ‘Dead on arrival’: Trump conviction unlikely after GOP votes to nix trial – “This vote indicates it’s over. The trial is all over,” the Kentucky Republican says.
Vox: A stunt from Rand Paul reveals limited Republican support for impeachment – The vote signaled GOP reservations about Trump’s conviction. –
BuzzFeed – Senate Republicans Overwhelmingly Signaled They Will Acquit Trump And Not Block Him From Running Again
CNN: Kaine working on Trump censure resolution though other Democrats throw cold water on the idea
Politico: Democrats look to quickly move past Trump trial
Axios: Scoop: Kaine, Collins pitch Senate colleagues on censuring Trump
WaPo: Democrats consider impeachment alternatives after GOP signals likely acquittal of Trump
Politico: POLITICO Playbook PM: Dems are over impeachment, too
Lawfare – Why the Senate Shouldn’t Hold a Late Impeachment Trial – By Philip Bobbit
WaPo: Why a secret impeachment vote isn’t going to happen
CNN: Republicans bullish Trump isn’t at risk of conviction in impeachment trial
Slate: Senate Republicans Are Ready to Let Trump Off the Hook
Slate – Republicans’ Arguments Against Impeachment Converge Into Nonsense
NYT: Could Trump Be Convicted? ‘Just Do the Math’
The Atlantic – The Night of the Rubber Knives – By David Frum – Republicans appear poised to flinch from reality, protect Trump, and betray the country.
WaPo: Senate impeachment whip count: Where Democrats and Republicans stand
The Hill – Senate GOP boxes itself in on impeachment
CNN Quote: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, asked by @tedbarrettcnn if his vote with Rand Paul yesterday signals he won’t vote to convict Trump, says: “Well, the trial hasn’t started yet. And I intend to participate in that and listen to the evidence.”
NY Mag – McConnell: It Was Too Soon to Impeach Trump, Now It’s Too Late.
NYT Op-Ed – 3 Ways Trump’s Second Impeachment Is Different
NYT: For Trump’s Aggrieved Defenders, This Impeachment Confirms Everything
Politico: Trump’s second impeachment trial launches with questions over witnesses
NYT: Here Are the House Managers in Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial
AP: AP Exclusive: GOP to stay neutral should Trump run again
WaPo: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed the execution of Democrats in old Facebook posts, report says
WaPo: Opinion: The hidden way Biden is attacking the future of Trumpism
WaPo: Anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger accepts his fate, whatever it is
NBC News Op-Ed: GOP senators at Trump’s impeachment trial are dooming the party. They need to repudiate him.
WSJ: Biden Takes Hands-Off Approach to Trump Impeachment
NBC News – Trump considers written letter as part of Senate trial defense


Crooked + Change Research PollerCoaster


PollerCoaster: What Voters Want in Biden’s First 100 Days – Ben Greenfield, Jon Favreau
PollerCoaster: Why Democrats Must Go Big – Dan Pfeiffer
FiveThirtyEight – Biden’s Initial Batch Of Executive Actions Is Popular
FiveThirtyEight – Is The Presidential Honeymoon Over?
CNN: Why Biden’s bipartisanship hope is probably already lost
NYT: Biden Won’t Budge on the Senate Filibuster. Why Aren’t Progressives Pushing Him?
USA Today: Poll: Americans want Congress to cooperate with Biden, view his agenda positively
Media Matters – Tucker Carlson suddenly gives a welcome ear to election conspiracy theories when they come from his major sponsor
Media Matters – Sean Hannity says Democrats are the ones guilty of inciting insurrection
HuffPo: Hannity Accused Of ‘Dabbling In Anti-Vaxx’ Territory With COVID-19 Vaccine Comments
Business Insider – Fox News’s primetime ratings took a dive during Biden’s inauguration, but they still beat CNN and MSNBC
Media Matters – Fox News after the Fox News Presidency
WaPo: Tucker Carlson stands up for QAnon supporters