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Nowhere to hide: Facebook, encryption, and privacy

Tommy talks with Wired editor in chief Nick Thompson about the insane amount of data that Facebook and other tech companies collect on us and what we can do to erase or prevent it. Then they talk about how to use encryption to protect your communications and scary new developments that allow you to make fake videos of real people.

Show Notes:

Nick Thompson interviews

Nick Thompson Pieces in Wired

  • Wired: Mark Zuckerberg talks to Wired about Facebook’s privacy problem
  • Wired: Inside the two years that shook Facebook, and the world


Pod Save the World is a no-bullshit conversation about foreign policy hosted by Tommy Vietor that goes behind the scenes with the people responsible for some of the most important foreign policy decisions of our time. New episodes out every FRIDAY. Check out more Pod Save the World episodes!

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