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September 03, 2019
Pod Save The People
Maintain Your Demands (PJ Morton)

In This Episode

DeRay, Brittany, Sam and Clint discuss Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio’s attempt to reclaim his post, what will happen during the upcoming partial shut down of the Federal Election Commission, one woman’s experience giving birth in prison, and how the Phoenix police purge officer discipline records. Grammy-award winning musician PJ Morton joins DeRay to talk about his new album, “PAUL.”

Show notes:

  • AZ Central: Phoenix police routinely ‘purge’ officer discipline records, keep misconduct secret
  • Police Union Contract Project
  • Mother Jones: The Federal Election Commission Is About to Partially Shut Down
  • The Washington Post: ‘Nobody cared’: A woman gave birth alone in a jail cell after her cries for help were ignored, lawsuit says
  • NY Daily News: Trump-loving former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio announces bid to reclaim post: ‘Watch out world! We are back!’
  • PJ Morton


Pod Save The People