May 12, 2020
Pod Save The People
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery (with State Senator Bill Ferguson)

In This Episode

Content Warning: Violence

This week, DeRay, Brittany, Sam, and Clint discuss social distancing arrests, Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, pandemic-influenced police violence, and a Sioux tribe’s fight with South Dakota’s governor. Then, DeRay sits down with Maryland State Senator Bill Ferguson to explore what it means to be a legislator facing 2020’s unexpected problems.

Show notes

ProPublica – Early Data Shows Black People Are Being Disproportionally Arrested for Social Distancing Violations

CNN – Sioux tribe rejects South Dakota governor request to remove Covid-19 checkpoints

NYT – Georgia Killing Puts Spotlight on a Police Force’s Troubled History

The New Yorker – How Racism Is Shaping the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pod Save The People