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April 20, 2023
Pod Save the UK
Introducing Pod Save the UK (4th of May)

In This Episode

Pod Save the UK is your fresh weekly fix of UK political news, big ideas and a shot of inspiration. Comedian Nish Kumar and journalist Coco Khan find out what’s going on, what’s going wrong and how we can fix it. Produced in partnership between Reduced Listening and Crooked Media, the company behind Pod Save America. New episodes out Thursdays starting the 4th of May.




Nish Kumar It’s a real obsession of mine to explain to people when they say, I don’t really care about politics. You do. You don’t care about two similarly dressed men shouting at each other in a velvet room.


Coco Khan Yeah.


Nish Kumar But you do care about whether your kids can get a place in school.


Coco Khan Oh, yeah.


Nish Kumar How long it’s going to take for you to see a doctor. Everything is politics.


Nish Kumar Crooked Media, the team that brought you Pod Save America, is bringing their no nonsense approach across the pond. Now that they’ve saved America and everything in that country is absolutely fine with a new show Pod Save the UK. I’m your host, Nish Kumar, star of Stage and Screen, comedian, and UK National Treasure Citation Leader.


Coco Khan I’m Coco Khan, a journalist and author. Each week, Nish and I will break down the week’s biggest stories and discuss the politics and policy affecting all of us in our day to day lives.


Nish Kumar I’ve spent years making jokes about politics, and amazingly, it’s not helped at all. Arguably, it’s made things considerably worse. And while I was making those jokes, my friend Coco here was busy being a serious journalist. So we decided to join forces to come up with some ideas about how we can all help improve life in the UK.


Coco Khan And it won’t all be serious because, hey, as you know, Nish, sometimes all you can do is laugh.


Nish Kumar I think I might be the least open minded person in the United Kingdom, but at this crisis point in our nation’s history, I’m prepared to turn over every rock and stone in this country to find some hope. And if all we find are some creepy crawlies, at least that’s protein, baby.


Coco Khan New episodes of Pod Save the UK from Crooked Media and Reduced Listening are available Thursdays starting May the fourth wherever you get your podcasts.