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Even Alone, We’re Still A Collective (with Rep. Maxine Waters)

This week, DeRay, Brittany, Clint, and Sam discuss the coronavirus and its influence on food stamp recipients, abortion clinic closures, thermometer technology, and victims of domestic violence. Then, DeRay sits down with Rep. Maxine Waters to talk about the battles she’s facing in D.C. and her hopes for our national recovery.

Show Notes 

The Columbus Dispatch – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost closes abortion clinics because of coronavirus

PBS Newshour – USDA fights to purge food stamps recipients despite pandemic

Time – How COVID19 is affecting victims of domestic violence

The New York Times – How “smart” thermometers can help track the spread of COVID19

Friends, all of us are feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but there are some people and communities who need extra support. If you’re looking for a way to help those in need, Crooked’s Coronavirus Relief Fund spreads your donations equally to groups providing critical support to food banks, health care workers, restaurant workers, seniors, kids who depend on school lunches, and others. Donate at crooked.com/coronavirus


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