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DeRay, Clint, Brittany and Sam discuss detention centers for immigrant children, ways Black WWII veterans were denied benefits from the GI Bill, how a school in DC founded by nuns gained profits from selling enslaved people, and a lawsuit to change how governors are elected in Mississippi. Comedian Gastor Almonte joins DeRay to talk about his album, ‘Immigrant Made.”’

Show Notes

  • USA Today: Lawsuit calls Mississippi’s way of choosing governors racist
  • History: How the GI Bill’s Promise Was Denied to a Million Black WWII Veterans
  • Reveal News: N.C. shut down a group home last year. The US just gave it a contract to house migrant children
  • Gastor Almonte
  • Washington Post: An elite D.C. girls’ school thought its founding nuns taught slaves to read. Instead, they sold them off for as much as they could.