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The Wilderness

Chapter Three: The Nightmare

Why did Democrats lose the 2016 election? The candidates, campaigns, and conditions that led to America’s worst person becoming president.


The Wilderness is a documentary from Crooked Media and Two-Up about the history and future of the Democratic Party. Pod Save America’s Jon Favreau tells the story of a party finding its way out of the political wilderness through conversations with strategists, historians, policy experts, organizers, and voters. In fifteen chapters, the series explores issues like inequality, race, immigration, sexism, foreign policy, media strategy, and how Democrats can build a winning majority that lasts.

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August 20th

Chapter 10
The Blob

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August 27th

Chapter 11
The Filter

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September 4th

Chapter 12
The Party

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September 10th

Chapter 13
The Bench

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September 17th

Chapter 14
The Ceiling

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September 24th

Chapter 15
The Story