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July 18, 2022
Another Russia
Another Russia coming July 25th

In This Episode

In 2015 Putin’s number one public enemy, Boris Nemtsov, was shot and killed in front of the Kremlin. He was a relentless critic of Putin, corruption, and war in Ukraine. Then, he was assassinated. His daughter, journalist Zhanna Nemtsova, and co-host Ben Rhodes tell his story to find out what happened to an entire country – and what happens next. Is another Russia possible?


Ben Rhodes: So you wake up, hearing your mother yelling… 

Zhanna Nemtsova: Yes, and she just, she just came into my room and she said, ‘our father was killed, and he is dead.’ 

Ben: What’s going through your head? 

Zhanna: Putin. Putin did it. 

Ben: On a cold winter evening in 2015, Vladimir Putin’s number one public enemy, Boris Nemtsov, was shot four times, right outside of the Kremlin. 

News clip: Prominent Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has been shot and killed by an unknown assailant. 

Ben: I was in the White House at the time. I remember that people were in shock. Nemtsov was a big deal. 

News clip: President Barack Obama calling it a brutal murder. 

Ben: It felt like Russia was descending into a new darkness. 

News clip: And a sharp chill of fear has ripped across Russia. 

Ben: But Boris Nemtsov’s daughter refused to be silenced. 

Zhanna: I’m a Russian journalist and activist. My father was Boris Nemtsov. 

Ben: She had a story to tell about her father. About a man who went from trying to create democracy after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

News clip: The tricolor banner of the Russian Republic now flies over the Kremlin. 

Ben: To taking on Russia’s richest and most powerful men.

News clip: They call them oligarchs, robber barons, they are buying up newspapers, airlines, oil companies. 

Ben: A man who became Putin’s most outspoken opponent. 

Boris Nemtsov [in Russian]: Russia and Ukraine without Putin! Glory to Russia! Glory to Ukraine! 

Ben: He had a vision of a different country. 

Arkady Ostrovsky: He was just so incredibly full of vitality, of life, of ideas. 

Ben: Then he was thrown in jail and eventually assassinated. 

News clip: Gunned down in broad daylight, four bullets in the back, in the very shadow of the Kremlin. 

Ben: Under Putin Russia has become a dictatorship at war. 

News clip: Our top story today, Russia has launched war Ukraine, attacking from three sides. 

Ben: But Boris Nemtsov represented another path. This is the story of one man and one family fighting for another Russia, and what we can learn from their fight

Zhanna: My life changed in one night. And there were two options for me, either to keep silent or to speak up. And I decided to speak up.

Ben: From Crooked Media, I’m Ben Rhodes. 

Zhanna: I’m Zhanna Nemtsova. And this is “Another Russia.” 

Ben: Coming July 25th. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your podcasts.