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About This Podcast

The world of work is super complicated, often bizarre, never unexciting and we have so much to talk about.

Inspired by her immensely popular newsletter, author Anne Helen Petersen turns her attention to the wild world of work in Work Appropriate. Featuring guest appearances by the smartest people Anne knows – they have real jobs, we promise – the show delivers humorous but practical workplace advice for a range of listener questions like “how do I get my manager to stop texting me after hours,” to “what do I do when my company thinks our toxic culture can be fixed with Taco Tuesdays?” The problems may be limitless but so are the solutions!

Find new episodes of Work Appropriate out every Wednesday.

Latest Episodes

September 20, 2023
Will Social Media Cost Me My Job? with Rachel Karten
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September 13, 2023
Should I Cover Up My Tattoo? with Greta Johnsen
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September 06, 2023
Actually Following Through on DEI with Sameera Kapila
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