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About this Podcast

A show about sports, and all the cheating, doping, greed and murder it takes to play the game

Fox Sports host and comic Rachel Bonnetta (“Lock It In”, “@Buzzer”) and comedy writer Rachna Fruchbom (“Fresh Off the Boat”, “Parks and Recreation”) aren’t your garden variety sports fans. Sure, they obsessively root for Cleveland (the Browns and the Cavaliers, respectively), but they get even more excited by those crazy moments in sports that become almost legendary. We all know the sensationalistic scandals about cheating, gambling and sex, but Rachel and Rachna want to discover the humanity behind the headlines.

That’s why they started Hall of Shame — every week Rachel and Rachna will take each other through some of the biggest scandals in sports, from the thrill of Dock Ellis’ no-hitter to the agony of Rosie Ruiz’s marathon lies. With humor and a healthy dose of perspective, they get to the bottom of what exactly went down, why these stories matter, and how they’re still relevant today. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel more invested in sports than you ever thought possible.

For a transcript of an episode of Hall of Shame, please email transcripts@crooked.com.

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