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A Note for What A Day-ers (And Future Subscribers)

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This note goes out to all Crooked Media readers, listeners, and merch-purchasers, but particularly subscribers to our new newsletter, What A Day, and to the thousands and thousands of you who have “subscribe to What A Day” written on your to-do lists.

First, welcome! We’re all working hard on making sure the newsletter is useful to you and enjoyable to read. In other words, don’t unsubscribe! Deliver all critiques in compliment sandwiches! Please clap!

Second, some updates for you that will help you enjoy the What A Day experience more fully. If you haven’t signed up yet, and are wondering what you’ve missed so far, or if you want an easy way to share What A Day with people on the fly, we have you covered. Starting today, you can find the complete What a Day archive here. Wondering what What A Day looks like when viewed on a laptop or desktop or mobile? Here’s last night’s edition. Go ahead, click on it. Treat yourself. 

This will be particularly useful in the short-term for those of you who’ve had difficulty signing up. If you were expecting to receive What A Day this week, but can’t seem to find it, we also have you covered:

  • In case you haven’t already, take a look inside your Spam and Promotions folders, and search for an email from Priyanka Aribindi. If you find an email from her in either of those folders, go ahead and move it to your inbox. This will help train the Internet not to discard it in the future. There’s no perfect way to make sure a newsletter with a large distribution gets to every single subscriber without exception, but sending it from a real, live, awesome person rather than from a barking dog (we’ll never tell which one) seemed like our best bet. And there would be no newsletter if Priyanka didn’t compile it with tremendous care and skill every day, so she sends it. You’ll love it, and her! 
  • If you’re sure you’ve signed up, haven’t received either edition of What A Day, and can’t find it in your Spam or Promotions folders, we, once again, have you covered. Email us directly at whataday@crooked.com from the account you’d like to receive What A Day from, and we will add you to the list manually.

Last, but most importantly, thank you for your support. What A Day wouldn’t exist without the work and dedication of a team that was frankly overstretched before the newsletter even had a name, and it’s extremely gratifying to all of us to know that the work is helping you navigate the news.