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2020: Be a Voter. Save America.

By Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor

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Hey everybody, you may have noticed on your phone’s lock screen that it is now officially 2020. 

Election Day is nine months away—and while that seems like a long time, before you know it, we’ll all be sitting in living rooms and dorm rooms and “just in case” cold war bunkers watching the returns on Tuesday night, knots in our stomachs, hoping against hope that we all did our part to not only end the Trump presidency, but elect leaders at every level of government who will make us proud and hopeful, instead of angry and ashamed.

So, what can you do?   

You’ve asked the question, so it’s great for you that you’re the answer. 

From special elections around the country, to swing districts in the 2018 midterms, you’ve shown exactly how big a difference you can make just by deciding to take the next step, to get involved. But now it’s time for the main event, And it’s time to say it out loud: We can beat him. We can do it. We just need a plan. 

That’s where Vote Save America 2020 comes in. To answer all your burning questions: Where do we vote? When? What’s on our ballot? What else can we do, where should we be doing it, and when? Most importantly, how do we have an impact in the states that we know matter most? 

Vote Save America is a one-stop shop for everything you need to vote, volunteer, and help determine the outcome of the 2020 election. We worked with political strategists, organizers, and activists to develop a step-by-step program to help elect progressive leaders to the White House, the Senate, and races up and down the ballot.

First thing’s first, let’s check the box on step one: Make sure you’re registered to vote. You can register or double-check that you’re still registered on VoteSaveAmerica.com. Some officials have a real trigger finger on the purge button. So seriously, check to make sure you’re still on the rolls.  

Back to the plan. There are a lot of steps on the road to 270 electoral votes, not to mention what we need to do to take the Senate, keep the House, and flip state legislatures. So we spent much of last year working out exactly where and when people should invest their energy to have the biggest impact in 2020. Then we mapped that to the calendar year, and came up with a step-by-step process to help make sure that everyone who wants to vote and volunteer can do exactly what they need to do when they need to do it. 

Here’s a quick look at those steps: 

Step One: Check your voter registration. By now you know the importance of voting (and not just at the top of the ticket, or just for your favorite candidate). Whether or not the eventual Democratic nominee is the candidate you’re supporting in the primary right now, there’s way too much at stake to not support whoever wins the nomination—20 million people’s health insurance, crushing student debt, the fate of the planet—you name it. And you have a say in who gets to run against Donald Trump. Get out and vote in the primary! Plus, if you find your name has been removed from the rolls, the earlier you can re-register, the better. It all starts with step one—get registered and ready to go.

Step Two: Subscribe with Vote Save America to get every step you need to take. This is a big one, because we know we’re asking for your email address and everyone dies a little bit inside when they have to sign up for a list. But we promise that we will only email you to let you know what you need to do to vote, any information you might want, and key actions you need to take to help deliver a win on November 3rd. No merch emails, no sharing your information, no FWD: FWD: FWD: yelling from our grandparents. 

Step Three: Volunteer or Donate where it’s needed most.  VoteSaveAmerica.com will help you find volunteer shifts with organizers or candidates in your area or in battleground states, and point to specific actions that will have the biggest impact on competitive races near you. We also worked with political strategists to create funds that will get the biggest bang for your buck by getting resources to candidates and organizers where dollars will help the most and go the furthest. Donate smarter and harder, you know? 

Step Four: Adopt a Battleground State. We’re really excited about this one. Later this spring, VoteSaveAmerica.com will launch a program to adopt a battleground state so you can support organizing efforts in six of the battleground states all-caps CRITICAL to delivering a progressive majority. When you pick a state (or states) to adopt, you’ll get specific steps you can take that will help in that state, along with piping hot fresh info on what’s happening on the ground based on what we’re hearing from local leaders and parties, political strategists, and progressive organizations, as well as the eventual presidential nominee. 

Step Five: Fill out your sample ballot. As we get closer to the election, VoteSaveAmerica.com will have a tool that lets you see what’s on your ballot (yes, your very own ballot) ahead of time. Fill it out early (and use the resources on the site for info on candidates and issues), then screenshot/print/tattoo it wherever you need so you’re ready for Election Day. 

Step Six: This one’s easy—type your address into VoteSaveAmerica.com and we’ll tell you which polling location is yours and whether you can go before or on Election Day. 

Step Seven: VOTE. Pray. Love? This got away from us. 

In the end, what happens on November 3rd comes down to you. You can play a pivotal role in changing the outcome of the 2020 election, and this is the best place to start. 

Thanks for getting in the fight with us, we know this is going to be a long and hard one. But we can win. We really can. We all just have to show up, OK? OK. Let’s do this.