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March 17, 2022
Pod Save America
"Zelensky's Plea."

In This Episode

President Biden announces more aid to Ukraine after President Zelensky delivers an emotional plea to Congress, Donald Trump may be facing some new political challenges on the road to 2024, and progressive activists Amanda Butcher and Lucas Meyer join to talk about last week’s wave of New Hampshire school board victories that can teach Democrats how to beat back the Republican culture wars.


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  • WaPo: Zelensky puts Biden on the spot with his emotional speech to Congress
  • WaPo: Sorry, President Zelensky. The U.S. cannot risk direct war with Russia
  • NYT: This Is How World War III Begins
  • The Hill: Zelensky: World War III ‘may have already started’
  • Axios: Biden says Putin is a “war criminal”



  • WSJ: Biden, Democrats Lose Ground on Key Issues, WSJ Poll Finds
  • Wapo: The GOP is gaining post-Trump. Trump? Not so much.
  • Politico: Trump’s shadow lurks over Biden’s support for Ukraine
  • WaPo: Senate candidate Herschel Walker questions evolution, asking, ‘Why are there still apes?’
  • NYT: Republican in Ohio Senate Primary Spoke Offensively About Asians



  • The Nation: How Progressives Won the School Culture War—in New Hampshire! 
  • New Hampshire Bulletin: Progressive candidates prevail in school board elections despite passionate campaigns on right
  • Mountain Times: School board candidates against critical race theory flounder at the polls 
  • NHPR: Pandemic-era policies usher a wave of interest, money into N.H. school board races
  • IndyStar: Indiana Senate kills CRT-inspired legislation that created outrage among educators, Black Hoosiers
  • CBS News: Big majorities reject book bans



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