June 04, 2020
Pod Save America
“Your President of Lawlessness and Disorder.”

In This Episode

The nationwide protest against racism and injustice shows early signs of progress, Trump’s presidency reaches a dangerous new low, and Joe Biden and Barack Obama remind us what a real president sounds like. Then LaTosha Brown, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, talks to Dan about organizing and mobilizing black voters ahead of November.

Show notes


  • NYT Live Updates on the Protests
  • WaPo Live Updates on the Protests
  • CNN Live Updates on the Protests
  • USA Today: Tracking protests across the USA in the wake of George Floyd’s death 
  • CNN: There are as many National Guard members activated in the US as there area active duty troops in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan 
  • NYT: George Floyd Updates: 3 More Officers Charged; Chauvin Murder Charge Upgraded 
  • WaPo: Live updates: Minnesota adds second-degree murder charge against Chauvin 
  • CBS News: 3 other ex-cops charged in George Floyd’s death and Derek Chauvin faces new murder charge 
  • NBC News: Map: Protests and rallies for George Floyd spread across the country
  • The Hill: Here are the places that have imposed curfews amid George Floyd protests
  • LA Times: Mayor Garcetti takes a knee amid chants of ‘Defund police!’ at downtown L.A. protest 
  • Rev: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Speech Transcript While Protestors Outside His House

The Photo Op

  • NPR: Trump Defends Symbolism Of Photo-Op At St. John’s Church
  • NY Mag: All the Absurd Details We’ve Learned About Trump’s Church Photo Op 
  • Al Jazeera: In Pictures: Protesters teargassed for Trump photo-op
  • Slate: The Inconceivable Strangeness of Trump’s Bible Photo-Op
  • NYT: How Trump’s Idea for a Photo Op Led to Havoc in a Park 
  • WaPo: Thousands descend on D.C. protests to push back against Trump’s show of federal force 
  • WaPo: Barr personally ordered removal of protesters near White House, leading to use of force against largely peaceful crowd 
  • The Hill: Barr personally ordered law enforcement to push back Lafayette Square protesters: report 
  • WaPo: Federal agencies step into the fray as part of Barr’s crackdown on civil unrest 
  • NPR: Attorney General Steps Up Federal Law Enforcement Response To Protests 
  • Marketwatch: Democrats’ effort to get Senate to condemn Trump for church photo-op falls short 
  • WaPo: A letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper 
  • Axios: GOP senators scold Trump over St. John’s photo op 
  • Politico: Republicans chastise Trump for ousting protesters, church photo-op
  • WaPo: Republicans avoid criticizing Trump after removal of protesters for photo opportunity
  • NBC News: Senate Republicans struggle to respond to Trump’s actions on protests
  • NYT: In Rare Break, Some Republicans Reject Trump’s Harsh Response to Unrest
  • CNN: Pentagon chief on shaky ground with White House after breaking with Trump over protest response 
  • NYTimes: The defense secretary says he does not want active duty troops used on the streets for now
  • NBC News: Esper on Trump church photo-op: I thought we were going to ‘talk to the troops’
  • Mother Jones: Top General Defends His Actions After Appearing in Trump Photo Op
  • Daily Beast: Joint Chiefs Chairman Blasted as Uniformed ‘Prop’ for Trump’s ‘Fascist Political Stunt’ 
  • WaPo: Trump demands journalists correct stories on the use of tear gas. According to the CDC, it was tear gas. 
  • Vox: US Park Police denies using tear gas on peaceful protesters. Evidence suggests otherwise.
  • WaPo: Trump’s threat to send in troops just got more ugly and dangerous 
  • NYT: What Democracy Scholars Thought of Trump’s Bible Photo Op
  • WaPo: Trump’s threats to use force against protesters fit a long-standing pattern 
  • NY Mag: Trump Goes Authoritarian on the George Floyd Protests
  • NYT: Freed by Court Ruling, Republicans Step Up Effort to Patrol Voting 
  • New Yorker: Are Police Targeting Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts in Georgia?

Trump Disapproval

  • Monmouth Poll: Protestors’ Anger Justified Even If Actions May Not Be 
  • FiveThirtyEight: How unpopular is Donald Trump? 
  • Navigator: Public Opinion on Coronavirus: Navigator Update
  • Monmouth Poll: More Voters Trust Biden on Race Relations 
  • FiveThirtyEight: Have Americans’ Views on Race Relations and Police Brutality Changed Since Ferguson? 
  • Navigator: Public Opinion on Coronavirus: Navigator Update 
  • The Hill: Percentage who say US is on the right track hits record low under Trump: poll 
  • CBS/YouGov: Americans see differences in how police treat whites and blacks- CBS News poll 
  • WaPo: Yes, the police have high approval ratings. But Americans support police reform, too.
  • CBS: Americans see differences in how police treat whites and blacks – CBS News poll 
  • Reuters Exclusive: Most Americans sympathize with protests, disapprove of Trump’s response – Reuters/Ipsos 
  • YouGov: What police reform does America support?
  • Steve King
  • The Atlantic: What Really Brought Down Steve King 
  • NYTimes: Steve King, House Republican With a History of Racist Remarks, Loses 
  • Buzzfeed News: Iowa Voted A Racist Out of Congress 

Biden, Obama Speak Out

  • NYT: Obama, Addressing George Floyd, Calls on Every Mayor to Push for Police Reform – WASHINGTON
  • Transcript: Barack Obama Speech Transcript on George Floyd Death & Protests
  • Vox: Obama’s message to young people of color: “I want you to know that you matter”
  • CNN: Obama urges young black people to ‘feel hopeful even as you may feel angry’ after George Floyd’s death
  • WaPo: All four living ex-presidents draw a sharp contrast with Trump on systemic racism 
  • Bloomberg – Obama Tells Mayors to Review Use of Force Policies Amid Protests
  • The Intercept – Getting Real About the Job of Police: A Letter to Barack Obama
  • NYT:  Joe Biden Laces Into Trump for Fanning ‘Flames of Hate’  
  • Vox: “The presidency is a duty to care”: Read Joe Biden’s full speech on George Floyd’s death
  • WaPo: Biden, seeking a contrast with Trump, denounces the incumbent’s show of force against protesters and vows to heal racial wounds
  • Politico: ‘I won’t fan the flames of hate’: Biden blasts Trump in Philly 
  • CNN: Biden sharpens contrast with Trump: ‘I won’t traffic in fear and division’
  • The Atlantic – How to Actually Fix America’s Police 
  • Bloomberg – The Real Takeaway From Joe Biden’s Big Speech
  • The Atlantic – Joe Biden Names His Enemies
  • CNN: Biden’s startling weapon against Trump 
  • Slate: Biden’s Speech About the Protests Is a Vision of Post-Trump America
  • Axios: Julián Castro endorses Joe Biden for president
  • Politico: Biden cranks up contrast with Trump
  • NBC News – As unrest grips the U.S., Trump fuels a fire Biden pledges to extinguish 
  • NBC News Op-ed – Trump vs. Biden on George Floyd protests show why so many Republicans dislike the president 
  • WaPo: Biden begins to map out ‘revolutionary’ agenda, reimagining his presidency amid national upheaval 
  • WaPo – Plumline – Maybe Joe Biden isn’t such a terrible candidate after all
  • Vox: Joe Biden has a plan for that 
  • Axios: The growing focus on environmental justice could influence Biden’s platform
  • The Atlantic – Biden Has Changed—For the Better 
  • FiveThirtyEight – The Pandemic Has Pushed Biden To The Left. How Far Will He Go?
  • WaPo: Biden takes a knee in first non-virtual campaign event since March 
  • NYT: Joe Biden Listens to Anguish at a Black Church in Delaware 
  • The Hill: Biden campaign launches digital ad in swing states using speech on civil unrest 
  • Bloomberg: Biden Says He Hopes to Resume in-Person Campaign Events 
  • The Atlantic – The Advantage of a Biden Shadow Cabinet 
  • USA Today – Op-ED – We don’t need a Biden campaign, we need a shadow president to fill Trump’s leadership void 
  • FiveThirtyEight – Biden Doesn’t Really Have A Young Voters Problem 
  • WaPo: Does Joe Biden have an enthusiasm problem?
  • WaPo: With the country in turmoil, Trump’s and Biden’s first stops are to their faithful blocs
  • Bloomberg – Donors Rally to Biden in Wake of Trump’s Response to Protests

Pod Save America