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March 29, 2023
Keep It
“Witness for the Paltrowsecution” w. Jasmin Savoy Brown

In This Episode

Ira and Louis discuss Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial, Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, “Cuff It” dethroning “Halo” as Beyoncé’s longest charting single, Jonathan Majors’ arrest, and White Lotus’ season three location. Plus, Jasmin Savoy Brown joins to discuss her roles in Yellowjacket and the Scream franchise, her love of Broadway, and more.

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Ira Madison III And we’re back with an all new episode of Keep It. I’m Ira Madison, the third, allegedly.


Louis Virtel And I’m for real, Louis Virtel. And I have good progressive news today, which we don’t often get, you know, most days. Here’s what it is. Did you know that Beyonce’s longest running hit on the Hot 100 is now Cuff It.


Ira Madison III Thank God.


Louis Virtel Taking the throne away from do you know what song?


Ira Madison III Halo.


Louis Virtel It is Halo. Yes.


Ira Madison III Which thank fucking God, I hate that song.


Louis Virtel The streak is over. No, thanks. Halo to me feels like it could be a Trisha Yearwood song. No offense to Queen T.


Ira Madison III There was Ryan Tedder in his bag. And I don’t mean in the good way. I mean, it was. It was Ryan Tedder digging through his capacious bag. Looking, looking up this, Oh, here’s this Kelly Clarkson song that I did, Already Gone, let’s let’s make the same thing.


Louis Virtel Right. I remember. I don’t know if there’s, like a whole bunch of writers on that song, right? One of them was on the long forgotten Karen DioGuardi Bravo show, Platinum Hit, and the songwriter goes to the contestants Halo We wrote in 10 minutes and I said, I don’t think you should admit that because it kind of sounds like it. She’s just wailing the word Halo 50 times.


Ira Madison III So there was discussion of this online and on Twitter. I feel like every Beyonce fan is happy that Halo has been, you know, dethroned. Right. And it doesn’t mean that Cuff It is her biggest hit. It just means her longest running hit on the charts. But man, she so she closed out the Formation tour with Halo.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III And whenever you’re like,.


Louis Virtel Where’s the party tonight? I’m going to get out of here.


Ira Madison III Literally, whenever people in New York are always lamenting the fact that it’s so hard to get out of the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, where the, you know, the pop girls perform, Matt Taylor will be performing there. Gaga performed there recently. They’re always like, it’s a nightmare to get out. I said, baby, I saw the Formation tour there. As soon as Halo started, I was on that train.


Louis Virtel Flo-Jo is just flying up the exit.


Ira Madison III I lost three nails. Okay.


Louis Virtel And also, it’s just it’s nice to have, like, an extra bit of vindication for Renaissance, which the more and more I think about it, man, We really did give Album of the Year to Harry’s House. Again, a fine ish album, but not a moment in time. I need to see every time I go to the Grammy Wikipedia.


Ira Madison III That also reminds me of a statement that someone made on Twitter once that was on. You’re not a real fan of an artist unless you also have a song of theirs that you hate, that you think is like the worst song they’ve ever made. One of the worst songs ever made.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah.


Ira Madison III Hello. And then also Single Ladies. Literally this weekend, when I was in Vegas seeing Taylor Swift. And we will get to that later. We’re at a, you know, notable gay club, Piranha.


Louis Virtel Oh, yes. I’m very familiar. I love standing on the mezzanine watching someone fly into the splits below.


Ira Madison III This, this weekend it was Kylie Sonique Love.


Louis Virtel Oh, who was certainly jumping into a split?


Ira Madison III Yes, but my friend Drew and I were there. Truly. First of all, Pirhana has multiple rooms. It’s like Clue.


Louis Virtel Appealing to me right from the start. I bet sometimes Leslie Ann Warren is just there.


Ira Madison III There’s the main room, There’s the outside patio. There’s another outside patio. That’s the Latin room. There’s the pop room. Anyway, we’re in the pop room. The music is fucking great. All of a sudden, Single Ladies comes on and we look at each other and go, Want to get another drink?


Louis Virtel Yeah. Right. No, I think, unfortunately, Single Ladies is now a Liza minnelli song. You know what I mean? It’s a different brand. I don’t really associate it with Beyoncé anymore.


Ira Madison III So what’s your worst Madonna songs about?


Louis Virtel I mean, Ira, that is one of the most daunting questions you can ask big because part of being a madonna fan is being embarrassed 20% of the time. So you need to know what I think the worst Madonna song is off at Madame X, Killers Who are Partying. When I say the words each one, a different dry heave rises at my throat. And then I think of the song in which I believe she claims to be Africa. And I’ve got news for you. She’s not. It’s a horrifying song. Off a bewildering album that has two good moments.


Ira Madison III Yeah, we sort of. I need to go back and listen to what we said about Madame X because I feel like we were lost in the sauce a bit.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I think I made it a keep at one time because I remember it. It’s just a strange album. It’s barely pop, which is kind of cool that you would attempt it in some ways. But I think we should do an entire episode just about the worst of every girl. Like, just go full pessimism. Yeah. Pick the worst Kylie song. The worst, whatever. Pink song. And by the way, Pink is being. I’m being bombarded with her again suddenly and her aggro gym teacher vibe.


Ira Madison III Well, you know what? She’s on a press tour for something. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a new song.


Louis Virtel Yeah, there’s a few of them. There’s that Trust Fall song. There’s that roller skating song where the title is, like, never going to not be not ever dancing again, never.


Ira Madison III See, she always just a story about some pop girl that she’s in a fight with.


Louis Virtel I love that. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Which which I love. Which I love. But I feel like we keep hearing about, like, Christina Aguilera. I want some new ones.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right, right, right. She couldn’t have gotten along that well with Lil Kim, right? Right. She’s not like a get a get along to go along kind of girl or the opposite. I don’t know what the axiom is.


Ira Madison III Like I’m sure she was on the lady Marmalade set. It was like, Yeah. And Kim was like, Get out of here.


Louis Virtel She wouldn’t do that.


Ira Madison III The amount of girls who fight to be Little Kev would. When you’re when you’re singing Lady Marmalade, this feels like such a bygone era, by the way. Yeah. You know, like, we’re in our mid thirties now. That seems like something we were doing in our late twenties. Are everyone taking a role in Lady Marmalade when it comes on?


Louis Virtel And also fan casting the next Lady Marmalade, which I feel like we did every third time we all hung out.


Ira Madison III And now there’s like completely new pop girls.


Louis Virtel Right. No I remember being insistent that Ariana Grande would be a part of this, and now I can’t believe I ever thought such a thing.


Ira Madison III But honestly. In a way, Bang, Bang became the new Lady Marmalade.


Louis Virtel Very much so, yes. That’s another fun one where you you propose who is the fourth singer who got cut out in the final edit? I don’t know who said it first, but someone suggested Idina Menzel and that is really funny.


Ira Madison III So I also never get tired of people discovering that it is a Jessie J song.


Louis Virtel Right. Who was once a singer, correct?


Ira Madison III Yeah. And now she terrorizes Gotham. That’s right. Speaking of terrorists.


Louis Virtel Yes.


Ira Madison III This week I went to Vegas to see Taylor Swift, the Eras Tour.


Louis Virtel Chairman Taylor. Yes. Yes.


Ira Madison III So. So we’re going to have a full Eras Tour review this week. Then we are also going to jump into the trial of the century.


Louis Virtel Let me just say about Gwyneth Paltrow, about this trial. Be prepared for me to gatekeeper crazily, because lots of wannabes keep jumping on this with Gwyneth commentary. And some of us have been here. That’s all I’m saying. Like like they heard the words bone broth and they invited themselves to be a part of the conversation. Excuse me. We’ve been making turtleneck jokes about her for about 18 years now. Don’t be brand new at me about Gwyneth.


Ira Madison III So in addition to all the white women we’ll be discussing this week, we’re also joined by the fantastic Jasmin Savoy Brown.


Louis Virtel And I just want to say about her.


Ira Madison III Who I’m obsessed with.


Louis Virtel I just want to say about her. Last week, I complimented her in Scream, and I hadn’t even checked the schedule yet, not knowing she was going to be on this week. So this isn’t me just being a sellout for her. I thought she was fabulous in the Scream movie. And now, of course, she’s in the new season of Yellowjackets, which the Tori Amos Stans are already buzzing in addition to the Yellowjackets stans.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So we will be right back with more. Keep It.




Ira Madison III Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour kicked off about a week ago in Arizona, but I saw it this weekend in Vegas. Oh, you know all too well, ten minute version.  that. We couldn’t go without discussing it on Keep It. I was on the scene.


Louis Virtel Let me just say, I am very shocked and I don’t know why. How many gays from L.A. flood to see the opening moment in Arizona? It’s like if Basix could have a diaspora. That is what happened. They all just, like, moved down the coast into areas. I mean.


Ira Madison III The number one gays who were also there this weekend where Tommy Vito and Jon Favreau.


Louis Virtel Oh, right. Well, Tommy likes to pretend he’s, you know, listening to the music on the ones and twos, you know, Steve Buscemi and 30 Rock, What’s up, fellow kids, etc..


Ira Madison III But no, I mean, they were there this past weekend. Gays from L.A., gays from New York. I was shocked. We’re also in town for it. I guess everyone had the idea. Let’s just see this show in Vegas, which my reasoning for it was, you know, having just moved back to New York permanently, my best friend Drew lives in L.A.. And rather than trying to fight for floor seats in L.A. and New York, we just figured, why not just meet in Vegas and see it? We could also do something else that weekend.


Louis Virtel Right. And also, Vegas is the death of culture. And what better place to see Taylor Swift. So I’m kidding. I won’t be that nasty throughout this conversation. I’m sure it was a good concert. Well, it may have been four good concerts based on the runtimes I’m seeing.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So 3 hours, 3 hours of Ms. Tay. Honestly, the show was kind of cunt?


Louis Virtel Meaning what? I mean, first of all, let me let me just. Let me just talk about the dubiousness I’m coming into this conversation with. Eras Tour. We all know that every artist putting together a tour is revisiting their past albums. So literally any tour is an Eras Tour. And I am just wishing there could have been, you know, a better branding moment here other than the guys who are fans of hers are the kind of people who claim to be in their blank era all the time. So actually it’s genius branding and also upsetting.


Ira Madison III I was actually trying to think about it recently. Were we discussing our eras so much before Taylor started branding everything as eras? I know that there’s the flop era conversation that everyone’s always having. But I feel like around that time too, people started saying like, I know my reputation era.


Louis Virtel Uh-huh.


Ira Madison III You know?


Louis Virtel Which means you.


Ira Madison III You know, people are talking about me. I’ve done something a little bit. I made out with someone I wasn’t supposed to last. I mean, my reputation era.


Louis Virtel I think you’ve really put your finger on something, which is she really empowers people to believe their boring lives have significant moments in them. I think that’s what it is.


Ira Madison III Well, that she’s the Bravo, a pop star.


Louis Virtel There. You said it.


Ira Madison III Well, speaking of it, from a branding point of view, she’s always ingenious with that. She’s our number one capitalist pop star. And it makes sense that she launched the Eras tour, which, you know, when an artist does a tour, you expect them to play old hits and mix them in with new. Right? But the branding of This Is the Eras tour meant specifically it went era by era. So it opened up with Lover.


Louis Virtel Okay.


Ira Madison III Which was very fun.


Louis Virtel Interesting to open with because it feels like a kind of low key moment in her catalog.


Ira Madison III Yeah. She opens up with, like, Miss Americana and Heartbreak Prince.


Louis Virtel Can you imagine calling a song Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince? I mean, just good for Taylor fans, have fun. It is a little bit like, I don’t know, AI word soup. I don’t know.


Ira Madison III She can’t be on her Flaming Lips bag.


Louis Virtel All right. All right.


Ira Madison III Yes. She was battling the pink robots, Louis.


Louis Virtel No, but see, that’s weirder. That’s kind of, Miss Americana. What does that mean, anyway?


Ira Madison III She did that. She went into Cruel Summer after that, Like Lover was a very fun. Lover was like a good way to open the show, I think, because mostly I feel like that’s the last show that people were expecting, like Lover Fest, which was canceled. You know, I will say the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, I don’t know whether it was the sounds or something, but like or like the echo of it being closed or something. Like I could not hear her for like the first couple songs. And it’s also because there were just thunderous girls screaming.


Louis Virtel Oh, I bet. No, I was thinking about this, watching this tour. It’s not like. You know, Taylor Swift is known for having a huge sound or anything. And like, there’s a reason the Beatles broke up. You know, they couldn’t hear themselves performing in these, like, giant stadiums. And it’s just like, well, what are we even doing anymore? And based on the amount of people in that room and it truly looks like all of these stadiums look like some place aliens are going to land, just that like a huge, you know, couldn’t be bigger, couldn’t be crazier, you know, just like a Kafkaesque sense of space and alienation. So I was curious how she would fill that space.


Ira Madison III Yeah, the screaming was deafening. It was giving Beatles. It was giving One Direction.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III You know. It was giving me at the Glee tour.


Louis Virtel We will get into that with Gwyneth for the record. Yeah.


Ira Madison III But once the girls settled down, the concert was actually very fun. And I will actually say that for three hour show, she had so much stamina the entire time and there’s so much happening that you’re really able to take breaks in a way that you aren’t able to at other concerts. You know, I was running back to get drinks. I was getting pizza, particularly during folklore and evermore. And as much as I love those albums, they do not translate to stadium at all.


Louis Virtel Namely, that size of a stadium, Right. It really is an intimate. I’m walking through the woods during the pandemic vibe.


Ira Madison III Right. And so the attempt to sort of translate it to this huge stadium, you know, with set pieces, it was really it was giving, you know, like a Broadway show that you would take your parents to see.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Or like a Broadway show that’s really just made for kids, because we know that, like, at certain points when she slips into her, you know, her childlike empress era.


Louis Virtel What I would call her Mary Martin vibe. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Yeah. Her childlike her childlike empress vibes are really just sort of like, very twee and very, you know, a lot of flora and fauna, you know, a lot of Florence. And the machine was, you know, big sleeves, people walking around in capes and hoods. Not for me. It felt like a lot of extra affectation to make foghorn evermore. Sort of like bombastic. Yeah. Where, you know, I would suspect that, like, if she did, like Madonna did with Madame X, you know, like a bunch of shows in a city, you know, so that like, everyone still gets a chance to see it, but it’s at a smaller venue or even just do a residency like Harry did at Madison Square Garden, which is at least smaller than the Allegiant Stadium. Yeah, so something like that. It just felt very impersonal for such a personal album that connected with me so much during the pandemic. Like when we’re locked down in our house, like to then see it like that felt very weird. So I took my breaks.


Louis Virtel I feel like intimacy, especially with her fans, that she’s obsessed with, quote unquote, protecting your eyes is important to her. So I do think you will get that tour or that version of those albums.


Ira Madison III But on the other side, Reputation 1989 Read.


Louis Virtel Yeah, big, big sounds, Yeah.


Ira Madison III Big sounds, big moments. Fucking amazing. And I mean, repeat reputation sounds.


Louis Virtel Yeah, right. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Reputation. I love that. That tour. That was the first time I’d ever seen Taylor. I saw her in L.A. during that tour, and I really enjoyed the Reputation tour. But that was also during that era where she was leading into This is My Reputation era. I’m bad Taylor You know, everyone hates me. I’m a snake. All the liars are calling me Wah. Like she just seemed pressed.


Louis Virtel Definitely while dressed sort of like Olivia Newton-John at the end of Grease. Yes.


Ira Madison III But the one plus side about seeing the reputation segment of this show was the fact that she was so fucking relaxed now, like she’s not press this day, If I can say one big net positive about the era’s tour is basically that Taylor has nothing to prove anymore.


Louis Virtel Right? I know also all the footage I see from this tour, which is I believe most of the tour, like we photograph the tour is on Instagram. I saw I know it seems very relaxed but not lazy. My God, she’s like moving around that giant diamond stage and finding like, intimate moments with everybody in the audience. And it just seems really well conceived and it doesn’t feel like they’d spent that long putting this tour together either. So I’m kind of bewildered by how good it is.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it’s really Taylor at her best, to be honest, and I think that her problem has always been that she cares too fucking much.


Louis Virtel Yeah. RIght. Mm hmm.


Ira Madison III What people think about her and cares so much what the industry thinks about her. And now that she broke all these fucking record. Kids with midnights. You know, like had this huge, quote unquote, come back, you know, whatever. And then like, did so well with folklore and evermore as well over the past couple of years, like. I think she’s happy. Maybe it’s being post Scooter Braun and all that shit, but like. I didn’t feel stressed out watching her. I feel no stress coming from her anymore. Just having a good fucking time and reputation was fun to watch. And Midnight, an album which I famously don’t love as much. I prefer the 3 a.m. song. Yeah, the those that get added on at the end. That’s what I said. Like the show was kind of cunt. I mean, like the Vigilante shit song, which I think is like, so cloying and annoying. When I first heard it on the album, she was really just sort of like, How do I make this hot? And the dancers were doing like they had, like, chairs. It was giving Cabaret nine Chicago, like there was Pussy Poppin on stage.


Louis Virtel I was going to say, This is basically our YouTube playlist. So.


Ira Madison III There was pussy poppin on stage. And the fact that the midnight segment was the last segment of the show, too. It was just even amazing that she still had that much stamina and energy by the end of this long ass three hour show. There are 44 songs played.


Louis Virtel Yeah. No, I haven’t memorized this playlist. I have questions about whether she played my favorite songs. Number one, the song Fearless.


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel She di?


Ira Madison III Yes.


Louis Virtel Because I think that is one of her strongest showings. First of all, it’s just like a brief, lovely pop song. But two, I just think she like, gets the ebullience of being into a guy really well. And that’s sort of something she shied away from in this. You know, in the past, whatever, eight or nine years, it feels like one to me. She is always talking about the same relationship. But two, it’s about like you wronged me and now we’re in the standoff. And, you know, she’s just obsessed with the drama of a relationship as opposed to the bliss of it. And I miss how she used to express that in a pop song, which I think was best exemplified on the song Fearless and the album Fearless.


Ira Madison III Right. I mean, listen, I first discovered Taylor really sort of like casually with You Belong With Me.


Louis Virtel Not a favortite of hers for me. Anyway, go ahead.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, it was the first what I heard. So I was like, okay, this is cute, you know? And then Red came along and I liked a lot of those songs, but it was really hearing like that song begin again at the end. We’re like hearing her talk about, like past mistakes and love and like, being hopeful for the future. I was like, when she gets into her, you know, sort of like really sort of melancholy relationship bag. Like, I love that version of her and I feel like she did shy away from it a bit. Because she was, you know, just tired of people constantly talking about her and her relationships and the men that she was with. And now she’s got a man, you know, he’s tucked away at a castle somewhere, and sometimes he escapes into a Clair Dimi film


Louis Virtel Which is an ideal way to live. Did she do Clean?


Ira Madison III She did not do Clean.


Louis Virtel I think that would have gone over well in a stadium that really crisp.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Sad vibe. What else would I pick?


Ira Madison III I have some notes she didn’t do Out of the Woods.


Louis Virtel What? Now that’s in my top five.


Ira Madison III Yeah, that. That was rude as hell. She. She also didn’t do. I mean, I didn’t expect to Call it What You Want from Reputation, but, you know, because, like, there’s a lot of songs from Reputation that are great that she could have done. That’s my favorite album. But yeah, Out of the Woods was glaring.


Louis Virtel That is very surprising. I assume she did most of Midnights then?


Ira Madison III Yes, she did. She did. Lavender Haze. ANTIHERO Midnight Rain Vigilante. Bejeweled. Mastermind. Shocked she didi Mastermind. And Karma was the final song.


Louis Virtel Hmm. And you liked it better as part of this set? Because I believe we dragged Karma up, down, back and diagnally last time.


Ira Madison III Karma sort of big and fun. You know, her dancers are also sort of, like, relatable looking dancers. That’s not trying to shade them. Yeah, but, you know, it’s. She’s. She’s not a pop star with hot, shirtless men dancing around her to turn on like the gays and, you know, the women in the audience. You know, it’s it’s very much inclusive. And, you know, she’s dancing with the kids from Zoom and.


Louis Virtel Boston, Mass. 02134. I forget what the Zoom zip code is, but anyway, which, by the way, shout out to when I saw Jessie Ware last, she did give us like very naughty, sexy dancers. And I know that it’s a disco album. You’d sort of expect that, but I did not expect the level of sexuality we got from that. So just I forgot to shout out Jessie Ware.


Ira Madison III She was giving a sexy mom, too, you know, like, just see where it was giving. Like, I’m like, I listen, I can go. I’m picking up my kids from soccer and that I’m going straight to the stage and I’m so sexy.


Louis Virtel Okay. Also, my question about Taylor Swift for a three hour show, I this is look, I’m a Madonna fan. I obviously don’t have a problem with this. Did you get the sense that she lip sync, you know, half the songs?


Ira Madison III I could say that maybe she lip sync some of the songs, but there are moments where she is obviously like giving you real vocals. So I didn’t mind it. She gave us Snow on the Beach, acoustic on the piano, and that is sort of what I was missing from the Folklore and Evermore parts. And also the other point when the girls were screaming. Well, she does a surprise song every show. And this one was Our Song.


Louis Virtel Oh, Our Song. That’s interesting is Throw It Down, is it not? A nice day?


Ira Madison III Yeah, I do. Speaking of that, it was very funny what she did. Just the other beat she was because she was talking to praising Lana and praising Lana’s new album, which I fucking love, by the way. And not just because of the line: Hands on your knees. I’m Angelina Jolie. She she had to keep reassuring people she was right. Guys. I’m just praising her and about to do this song. She’s not coming out.


Louis Virtel Wow. I love that. Just nipping it immediately. Don’t get it twisted. She’s not here. I assume there will be a moment on this tour where she brings out somebody on the reputation tour. When I saw it, I believe she brought out Selena Gomez and Troye Sivan. That was pretty inspired.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I got Shawn Mendez.


Louis Virtel Oh, he did come out.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I mean, he didn’t come out. Damn it, Louis, He has a tattoo that says Good Boy that I didn’t know about. What the fuck is that?


Ira Madison III I don’t know.


Louis Virtel Is it even true?


Ira Madison III She’s vibing. Yeah, okay. I mean, I described it on Twitter as this. This is the happy go lucky life of someone who does not know a single best actress nominee or a single real housewife. Okay. Like there’s a video of him in, like, a DJ booth where I apply Chapstick to this girl’s lips. Like, not even in, like, a sexual way and, like, this is my best girlfriend way. And then to his own left. And I was just like. And I like that he lives in this nice little bubble, right? He’s just happy all the time and, like, he’s just grinning. I’m just like, he seems so much happier now than when, you know, he was forced to do PR walks with Camila Cabello. So.


Louis Virtel Walkies.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, they I mean, we we always have a couple like that in pop culture, you know, like right now it’s Lucas Gage and Chris Appleton.


Louis Virtel That’s very good. Oh, my God. Lucas Gage just gave an interview on a red carpet to Letterbox’d, and I didn’t know all of his choices for favorite movies were amazing. We can talk about this some other time, but he loved, like, Last Picture Show. Did not know he had that in him. Moving on. Shawn Mendes No, you’re right. He definitely does not know a single back to Best Actress nominee. If I said the words Janet McTeer, he looks the other way, though I believe he has seen The Menu. So I think he’s on his way.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You know, he’s probably got surprising taste in movies. Like if you asked Shawn Mendes, like his favorite, like old movie, like something he wants with his mom, you know, he’d probably have, like, something, like, unexpected.


Louis Virtel You think so? I just feel like all of his friends tend to run like, actual dudes. Like he’s running with people who, like, on a skateboard and stuff.


Ira Madison III That’s fair and like, people who are in podcasts, but like, podcasts where it’s like men talking about, like, you know, spirituality and like, being emotional and tapping into their feelings.


Louis Virtel Now, that sounds very correct to me. And bone chilling. So.


Ira Madison III You know, I feel like all straight men who run, I feel like all straight men who host podcasts are like, are like 2 seconds from starting a cult.


Louis Virtel All right. No, Christianity will appeal to them at some point. Yeah.


Ira Madison III We just like hearing ourselves talk.


Louis Virtel Right, Exactly. No, it’s different when you’re gay. No. We make narcissism fun.


Ira Madison III Come up in closing about Taylor, I had a really fucking good time, and I traveled to Vegas to see this show, so I think I’m officially a Swifty.


Louis Virtel If a ticket ends up in my hand, I will go and.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I’m just not that big a fan. I have all our music, and I know it pretty well meant. You can’t even really be a non fan of Taylor Swift. It’d be weird if you didn’t know all of her music at this point. But if a ticket ends up in my hand, I will go.


Ira Madison III I’ll sort of close this out. Before when you talked about, you know, like the branding of the Eras tour, right? She knows what she’s fucking do. And she now simultaneously has seven albums in the top 40 on Billboard 200 this week for the first time in her career. And she’s the first living artist to achieve this. And I guess that’s what happens when you do an ERA tour and highlight each of your albums in succession separately, because then people are going to leave the tour and be like, I want to listen to this whole album again.


Louis Virtel You really nailed something here that’s giving, you know, Madonna. Your new video is banned from MTV. She’s like, What if I put it out on VHS? Bam, Top number one top seller.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So congrats, girl. You’ve done it again. Constantly raising the bar for capitalism.


Louis Virtel For someone who, like in her top five favorite movies, would probably put Tangled. I support her.


Ira Madison III So remember what she was making. Like the all too well 10 minute version and she was like discussing what the movies that she was being inspired by. Like Kramer versus Kramer. Yes.


Louis Virtel Which means she has laid eyes on Jane Alexander, which I’m not comfortable with.


Ira Madison III Yeah, Um, I. It’s so weird. Like, I. I feel like I’m really enjoying this relaxed era of Taylor because constantly there’s always shades of this seems like a dope person that you kind of want to hang out with. She is a Sagittarius and, you know, and she’s probably like a little bit of a bitch, you know? And like, that is like a pop diva you’d enjoy. And I think that we are. We’re slowly getting that. Taylor Swift.


Louis Virtel All right. You think this is the beginning of an evolution into a more kind of candid, cunt Taylor? Which, yeah, I think you’re right.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Once she stops completely having new fans who are young. You know, and they’re all grown up. I think we’ll see a different Taylor.


Louis Virtel Cute.


Ira Madison III But, you know. Yep. Anyway, when we’re back, we are joined by Jasmin Savoy Brown of Scream VI and Yellowjackets.




Ira Madison III We’re so lucky to have our guest with us today because she’s literally booked and busy. Not only a fan favorite from the Scream series, you can also catch her as the explosive and determined Taissa on Yellowjackets, where she eats everything like it’s a dead high school soccer player.


Jasmin Savoy Brown That was good. That was really good.


Please welcome to Keep It Jasmin Savoy Brown.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Hello.


Ira Madison III Hi


Jasmin Savoy Brown Giving myself a round of applause. That’s a good intro.


Ira Madison III Very clear of We are really excited to have you here. We talked about Scream six last week. Louis did not even know that you’d be on the show this week.


Louis Virtel And I specifically pointed you out. So I feel like a hack. Like. Like I was. I was pretending to like you, but right before we had you on. But no, you were so fabulous.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh, that’s hilarious.


Louis Virtel Also, there’s just. There’s just so few believable kind of nerds in movies. And in that movie I really believed, Oh, she is somebody who is up on movie history and you’re qualified to really play this role, who is like acting as a surrogate audience member, who knows all about this genre and all the tropes and everything. How close are you to being someone like that, or is it all just good acting chops?


Jasmin Savoy Brown I’m a bit of that person when it comes to Broadway. I am not that person when it comes to horror, but I’m a Broadway nerd. I don’t know as much as I’d like to. I’m not quite a mindy of Broadway, but I know enough.


Ira Madison III Okay.


Jasmin Savoy Brown That’s what I kind of used for that. Yeah. Are any of you. Are either of you Broadway people?


Ira Madison III I’m a huge Broadway person. I mean, I live in New York here, so. Okay.


Jasmin Savoy Brown So did you see Into the Woods last year with Sarah Bareilles and everybody and their mama.


Ira Madison III Heather Headley, as well? Absolutely.


Jasmin Savoy Brown That was that was literally my Super Bowl. I was like every time someone new walked out, I was like, Oh my God, I love you. That was crazy. Anyway, thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.


Ira Madison III That was a really, really good show. And I used to live in L.A.. I was in L.A. for 12 years and I’m back in New York, and I just love being able to have this proximity to Broadway.


Jasmin Savoy Brown I’m jealous, so I have to go, like, twice a year and I stay for like ten days and just do two shows a day just to, like, get it all in there. What else can I see in Downstate that you see Downstate, the play?


Ira Madison III I did not.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Gave gave me a lot to think about. It was very good. Anyway, we don’t talk about all that right now. We can talk about that another time.


Ira Madison III Well, what’s so funny, though, is that I kept expecting there to be sort of a Broadway moment in Scream Sex because it’s so New York. Oh.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah. That would have been sick, actually.


Ira Madison III Because one of the posters that they released, too, because it has just like the city on it and then like the Ghostface mask. It says like Stabbed the Musical in a corner.


Louis Virtel Oh, right. Yes.


Ira Madison III And so people online, like, we all thought, Oh, my God, like to mirror like the opening of Scream to the Grass Going to be like in a theater during, like, Stabbed the Musical.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh, that would have been so sick. They’re so good at that. Like putting out little Easter eggs to make you think it’s going be one thing, but then it’s something else entirely.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm.


Jasmin Savoy Brown It’s funny.


Ira Madison III What’s it like working with the Radio Silence guys? You know, because I. You know, I. I’ve been a fan of Ready or Not. And then there were Scream V, and now there’s this. And I would say that I feel like as they’re sort of like getting their feet wet in, like, the horror genre, I feel like each movie of theirs is really sort of like improving on what they did the previous time, you know? So it’s really exciting to see, you know, directors just sort of like getting better each time they make something.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, that’s so true. You know what? They are my favorite team I’ve ever worked with, which, like I don’t say lightly, because I’m not out here being like, I love being in a room full of white men, but I do with them.


Jasmin Savoy Brown They’re so great, they really make the space feel it’s just a creative environment. And by that I mean like everyone’s voice is welcomed. We’re all in this industry. We all know what it’s like involvement in rooms where we have a really important note that these are going to like make the project better or save someone from getting in trouble, or we just think it’s a good idea and people turn us away for X-Y-Z Reason. Working with Radio Silence, they’re like, Oh, what’s the feedback? How can we make it better? How can we make it more authentic to like we’re like women or fill in the blank? So I feel really safe and welcome there and my ideas are wanted. And then we just have fun. Like at the end of the day, they are just a bunch of nerds who just want to like, make movies and then go talk about it, have a drink at the end of the night. And I love them. And I would do a thousand movies with them. I really would.


Louis Virtel We have to talk about the subway scene because I can’t really compare it to any recent horror I’ve seen where I brought this up last week. Actually, there’s a scene in Halloween Kills I specifically don’t like because it takes place basically in public on this front lawn. And Michael Myers goes after this like phalanx of firefighters and it feels too extreme and like he would be caught by the police. But in this subway scene, something about it has a very creepy vibe. And I was wondering how that was created on the set. Did you really did the experience of making it look anything like what we ended up getting in the final moment, which has its own particular feel?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Making it was terrifying. I don’t think the subway will ever be right. Honestly, like, I think part of the reason it felt so believable. To your point, it’s hard to make those scenes believable when they’re in the public. I think it’s not believable because New Yorkers feel like that. Like if it’s a crowded New York subway, like in New York, I see everything every day. Unfortunately, they get desensitized to like everything. So some girl just like sliding down. No one cares. And like something so traumatic, you know, until she it’s clear that she’s really in pain. Yeah. Shooting. It was scary. There’s something about it doesn’t matter who is wearing the Ghostface outfit because it’s often members of our brilliant stunt team and they’re like, so fun and make sure we’re really safe. And we choreograph every piece from the second they put on the mask. It’s like this other energy takes over and it gets really creepy. And that scene was so creepy. And then behind Ghostface, I don’t know if they made it in the cut, but there was the whole tethered family from Us. So and that was one of the movie that scares me the most. So then they’re just behind us watching and I was like, this is too much for me. Not creepy Lupita.


Ira Madison III Though it really sort of like heightened this thing of just like it being crowded, but also the Halloween of it. I feel like, Louis, you talking about a movie like that, the last movie I can really remember of like a really scary subway scene is like you have to go like 81 or something like Blow Out, you know, with like it’s the era of New York where there was no one on the subway, like at night, like you’d have to be like, Oh, it’s just creepy because you might get murdered regularly, you know? Now it’s sort of like there’s so people are like, it had to be this intense scene. How was the experience of doing Scream VI been different than the experience for Scream V? You know, because you were shooting that one and people didn’t know what was going on. You know.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Right.


Ira Madison III Now, their expectations and then, you know, spoiler alert, you survived to you and your brother, Right. So, Mason, are you and Mason have such amazing chemistry, by the way?


Jasmin Savoy Brown We really do. It’s crazy. Yeah.


Ira Madison III So what’s it like now knowing, like you’re going into a third one?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, hopefully. Fingers crossed.


Ira Madison III If they don’t make our third one. Yeah, that would be the people. People will be marching in. Ghostface masks to the studio.


Jasmin Savoy Brown True. Terrifying. I think you’re right. I think we have to and I hope we get to the big difference between five and six. Yeah. You know I think we There was this dinner. Melissa mason, Jenna and I got dinner before the rest of the new cast arrived for six M and we all sat down and we went, Okay, A) people now are expecting something that we can think about that we just have to, like, have fun because this is still our special at summer camp and we’re all together. We’ve all worked so much and had a plethora of different work experiences and we all agree that this is the best. And part of the reason it’s the best is because radio silence has a no asshole policy. So everyone, it was harder for six because no one knew anyone but I mean for five. But going into six, every actor that was cast was vetted like calls were made about their reputation and how they behave on set and how they became upset. Because I think part of the reason five was so magical and now also six is because everyone on set respected each other and was kind. And so at this dinner we talked about we need to make sure that we welcome everyone in the new cast, make them feel special, pays them just a little bit so they know I know who they’re working with. I’m joking. Kind of. We’re all quite pranksters. Yeah. We tried to really recreate that special summer camp. This is only hours feel or we were shooting, and I think it really paid off. We’re just like, What do we do? We play board games at night. We go on a lot of dinners. We go get drinks often. We will just hang in someone’s room and watch a movie. It really feels like summer camp in a way that’s really rare when you get to make a movie because so many people are involved. But every new cast member was delightful and lovely to work with. And we all now, now on my phone, I have a Scream V group chat and a Scream VI group chat that are regularly going off.


Louis Virtel I say this not to dig. I’m not interested in names or whatever. Can you talk about how having an asshole either what the cast or crew or something changes what you do while you’re making a movie? If it’s like just, Yeah, yeah. What is that like?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Well, I think to be creative, you need to feel safe. Like, it’s really hard to be creative in a space where you think someone’s gonna judge you or make fun of you, or just have Massey Energy. So I think it takes away from the project, takes away from a feeling of safety, and it’s just like brings the mood down. Like, I think we all know what that’s like being negative. Nancy Why? Why is the negative, Nate? Why is it always women being with the negative make think, making people feel about it or belittling them? And it’s just frustrating. And it’s like, man, I don’t want to go to work today. And I think a lot of people relate to that where they’re in this industry and like having a crappy coworker. But yeah, it just brings everything down. People aren’t going to take risks creatively and, and then and then it’s just like a you know, it’s just like a little ball that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And by the end, maybe people are like arguing or there’s a little nasty rivalries that have started. It just gets very high school when it could just be, we’re all grownups here to make a thing and have a good time, which doesn’t mean we always agree with each other, but there’s like a way to handle that in a radio silence way that’s like, okay, we tried it, it doesn’t work or an asshole way, which is like, stupid. I mean.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown It’s not necessary.


Ira Madison III What’s interesting is that Louis and I are both friends with Hunter, who’s in Wednesday with Jenna, you know. And so what has been, I guess, like your reaction to the fact that, like, you know, like people have this new public perception of her from interviews, but everything we’ve heard from Hunter is like he’s like, I fucking love Jenna. Like, she’s amazing.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh, yeah.


Ira Madison III You know.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Jenna is one of the loves in my life. I love Jenna so much. I’ve adopted her. Yeah, it’s so funny, because when Wednesday blew up, I still haven’t even seen it. I really don’t watch my friend’s work. Maybe I’m a bad friend. I don’t know. But I’m like, I don’t need to see that. I know. I know you.


Louis Virtel I know the feeling. I don’t either. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Yeah. You can’t watch everything.


Jasmin Savoy Brown You can’t. There’s no time. And it’s like whenever I’d rather hear about it from you. And I’ll see the viral clips online. I’ve been knowing that Jenna is. We’ve all known that Jenna is amazing. And for her to be having this moment, I think, like with anyone growing up, I’ve had a few good friends who’ve blown up. Like Rege Jean Paige, I worked with him on For the People, obviously Jenna, a couple others I can’t think of. I always have a feeling of worry a bit like it’s so exciting to see you getting your flowers and getting what you deserve, but also like love so much so fast and suddenly there’s this lack of privacy that’s really scary. And and this industry has a way of just like cheering people up and spitting them out like, Jenna’s so hot right now. Rege is so hot right now. We need to squeeze them of everything, forgetting that there’s a person in there who still has to go home at night and like get in bed. And, you know, this is hopefully just our career that we’re full of people outside of this, like socialized and spiritual lives and personal lives and romantic lives. The career is just one piece. So, yeah, see her blow up? I feel worried and protective and also proud.


Louis Virtel I guess we should talk about Yellowjackets. And first of all, what I want to ask about is I am just obsessed with the amount of like nineties pop culture literacy. This show comes with it just.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Like, oh my God.


Louis Virtel I just I’m always so thrilled. Like, Oh, now people are looking up. Whatever PJ Harvey are. They’re looking up like these. Like how much of an education was it for you just hearing all of this like awesome music that they’re reintroducing in the public to.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh my God, the music is amazing. It’s quite an education. I often feel like an idiot because my cast is so young and cool, like Sophie Thatcher, actually 22 and she’s she loves nineties music. She’s been listening to it and seemed to live lives like, I don’t know so much as the cast already knows all the music. And I’m like, How do you, how do you, how do you have the time? How do you know this stuff? You were not even born in the nineties. It makes me feel old and I’m not, but kind of compared to them. But the music is insane. And the Florence and the Machine cover of I’m Just a Girl. So sick.


Ira Madison III Fantastic.


Jasmin Savoy Brown It’s so good. Yeah, it’s fun.


Louis Virtel But of course you’ve got your Broadway thing too. So you do have your, like, kind of secret corridor of knowledge about something.


Jasmin Savoy Brown I’m like, maybe, I don’t know, all the nineties music, but I know Sondheim’s entire discography, so leave me alone.


Ira Madison III You’ve got to see Sweeney Todd. I just saw it a couple of weekends ago.


Jasmin Savoy Brown It’s really good.


Ira Madison III It’s good. It’s a faithful, good adaptation. I wish it were a bit more scarier and like, macabre, but it’s but it’s a really good production.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Good to know. Very original.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Well, one thing about like, Yellowjackets is that, you know, the the older versions of, you know, the younger actresses, you know, are like these nineties icons and, and that’s a bit like being in Scream II, you know you have like Nev Campbell you know you had Courtney, you know and then like in VI like you had Dermot you know, so what do you get to do? You even get to interact with them on Yellowjackets now because there’s two different right time lines. Barely. Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown We, we barely I mean, we interview during.


Ira Madison III Press.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Secretary. Yeah, during press. And like when we’re all filming we try to get together this season. We tried a lot and it failed every time I think because we all because the first season the border was closed. So we were shooting in Canada. We couldn’t leave. No one could come visit. We really only had each other. And also vaccines were just coming out at that time. So we didn’t leave our bubble this season. It was like we’re all vaccinated, the borders are open, no one’s trying to be in Vancouver more than they need to be. So everyone was flying in and out. So yeah, we really only interact physically during press, but we have like a tech stream going and I’ll sometimes run into Melanie or someone, mostly Melanie in hair and makeup and we’ll just catch up about what’s going on on set. But they’re incredible and I love watching their work, like I love reading the script, imagining how they’re going to do it and then seeing how they do it. It’s so fun, especially with Juliette. She is like a loose cannon of an actor, and I mean that as a compliment. Like you never know what the hell she’s going to do. That scene in episode one. Yeah. Where she’s strapped to the bed at the compound and she’s just like, flinging her legs around. And then. How fun? Like, I just think she’s insane. Again, as a compliment, as an actor. That is such a good compliment.


Louis Virtel She has such a timeless performances, too, when you go back to like when she really broke in the early nineties, like she gave us specific and often unhinged energy, like we really needed it. If you wrote it Juliette Louis role, only she could play it. You know, there was no other person lined up to do that. And now she’s having this fabulous renaissance. Now I compare her to like Martha Plimpton or something where they’ve always had this self-possession, and then you put her in these adult roles and it’s like, wow, extremely lived in and extra and there’s like an urgency to the performance.


Jasmin Savoy Brown It’s so cool. It’s so cool. I hope that somehow, maybe in the future we’ll have a scene together. I don’t know how that would happen. Maybe older Natalie is dreaming a dream with younger. Who knows? But I want to work with her actually.


Louis Virtel So bad it sounds like something that would be in Yellowjackets the musical, frankly. So maybe.


Ira Madison III Yeah, yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, exactly.


Ira Madison III Well, so speaking of like, performers that you enjoy, my friend Michael Kuby just profiled you for Them. And I loved that piece so much.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Such a beautiful piece. I can’t get over it


Ira Madison III Yeah, I think you looked great in the photos. Like, it was such like, he’s such a great writer, so I really love, like, how you came across in it, too. But I have a question then, because you talk about how you know, two of your favorite white actresses, Meryl Streep. Carey Mulligan.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah.


Ira Madison III Um, what are your favorite roles from both of them?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Okay, well, for from Carey Mulligan, I really love some of her early work and education play. One of my favorite films. She just, Oh my God, she’s so good. And that that’s one of the first things I saw when I moved out. And I was like, okay, I’m going to be an actor. I don’t remember where or why, but that was part of the I lived in Portland for a while and so I spent a lot of time driving up to Seattle auditioning for commercials, and that movie pushed me over the edge to move to L.A.. Merryl Well, I mean, so many incredible things, probably Doubt.


Louis Virtel Great performance, I feel like we don’t talk about that movie much anymore outside of maybe the viola conversation because that’s such a pungent scene. But yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Well, that’s probably part of it. Part of why that’s one of my favorite performances. I don’t think there’s a lot of people that can elevate Meryl like that are so good and so present that they make Meryl even better. And Viola definitely does. Which is so amazing considering where that was in her career. But yeah, Marilyn, just that last scene when she said, I have doubts. Oh, also because I grew up super religious and super Christian and I don’t identify with that anymore, but I. You know, I think I would like seventh grade. I was like, should I be a nun? Like, I don’t know. There’s something so complex about that. And she just did such a beautiful job. Those are two of my favorite roles of theirs.


Louis Virtel I love imperious, cold Meryl, too. Even in Little Women, the performance she gave, where it’s like there’s a kind of withering dry humor, but also a real kind of Catholic feeling to the chest. A vibe about her, the power there. Weirdly, once upon a time, I interviewed Carey Mulligan because she was in a movie called Suffragette that has Meryl Streep playing a role in it. And she said her my dream, she said if she could be if she could be in a meryl movie, she would have picked the River Wilde, which I thought was a pretty rad choice.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Wow. Yeah. Oh, my God. Told me that she was so nice.


Louis Virtel Oh, no. She’s somebody who, Ira, I think you can confirm. We have, like, mutual gay friends in common with her. Honestly, what? I tend to think of celebrities, Mostly gay male celebrities. But in general, if if we don’t have, like, mutual friends at this point, I’m like, Well, then who do you fucking hang out with? Like. Like, it’s like, hard not to know fun people, you know?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, it’s true.


Ira Madison III It’s wild our two female celebrities are Carey Mulligan and Renee Zellweger. Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Well.


Ira Madison III We have the closest connection.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Whole areas and somehow make sense. I mean, like, when they can hang up.


Louis Virtel She’s, She’s Texan, You know what I mean? There’s a spunk going on there.


Ira Madison III I feel like I’m going to dip right back before we close this out to Broadway again. What is your favorite like you’re at home. What cast recording are you putting on? Because for me, it’s usually Guys and Dolls or Thoroughly Modern Millie.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Okay, so I can pick two because you picked two?


Ira Madison III Please do pick two.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Two means five ish. So, yeah, we’re going to we’re going to go over five and In the Heights. It’s my favorite musical that I’ve never seen. I’ve never seen that musical, but I listen to it more than anything. Also, Waitress As I said earlier, I’m a huge Sarah Bareilles fan. Memphis. Memphis came in and it went. Like did you see Memphis?


Ira Madison III I did. I Memphis was when I went to grad school at NYU. And so when I my first stint in New York, Memphis was on Broadway.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh, my God. It was incredible. I loved Memphis so much that I think, What is this? I’m regarding the story. I might be making it, but I think it was one of the first musicals that they like, at least that I encountered that was recorded and then shown at a couple of random movie theaters of the States. So I saw it on Broadway and then again in the theater. Oh, Memphis and Chicago.


Ira Madison III Oh, I mean.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Those are four favorite. I would die for those movies, is it?


Ira Madison III Although I prefer the film.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Same. Yeah, same.


Ira Madison III The show’s a little tricky.


Jasmin Savoy Brown It’s why it’s not. The film is better.


Louis Virtel Yeah, the casting is really A+. Like, every single person is exactly right for those roles. Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Look, I’m saying this in all my press because I’m really trying to, like, corner Chelsea and Sarah Bareilles about doing this. And Searchlight Pictures they need to do. Waitress the musical as a film and I play Gemma.


Louis Virtel Love it.


Ira Madison III Let’s get it.


Louis Virtel Let’s get it on the record so many times that people think it’s happening and then they have to. Actually.


Louis Virtel I do want to just give a shout out, by the way, to the original Waitress movie, which remains so underrated and such a great role for Keri Russell, to which Cheryl Hines is obviously a fabulous Andy Griffith and a lovely performance. Anyway. People should check that out in preparation for this inevitable movie you will be in.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Thank you. Thank you, Sarah. Call me on the moon.


Ira Madison III Can we see some other like Broadway in your future, too?


Louis Virtel Is that so? How about that?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Absolutely. Absolutely. I just added I just signed with the Broadway department of my agency because I actually like musical theater is where I started. And I did a summer program and I have a vocal coach. And anyway, I just sent the tape a few days ago.


Ira Madison III What is your dream role? You know, like if we’re doing a revival, who is it going to be like? Jazmin Savoy Brown is.


Jasmin Savoy Brown I mean, literally Jenna in Waitress, The musical, I think.


Louis Virtel Did you hear her?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown I love it so much. I don’t. It’s because the music is Sarfah Bareilles. And I just like because I think it’s all a combination. But as a mixed race woman, like, I don’t have, like, a black belt voice, like a gospel voice, but I also don’t have the, like, blond, white, like triple double extra e flat belly or nasal thing. It’s more of like a cerebral mix somewhere in the middle. So that’s the dream role right there.


Ira Madison III Okay. Okay. We’re going to get it for you. I got it for you. Yeah.


Louis Virtel I’m not worried. I’m not worried. I don’t think you should be pessimistic about this.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Thank you. I appreciate that.


Louis Virtel Thank you so much for being here. As expected, you are as rad as both of your roles in Scream and Yellowjackets. So thank you so much for bringing that radness to us.


Jasmin Savoy Brown And thank you for having me. This is so much fun.


Ira Madison III Congrats on being in two current iconic franchises.


Jasmin Savoy Brown So thank you. I’ve someone someone’s looking out for me. It’s going well.


Ira Madison III And I and I’m like, genuine Scream stan. So I know what you are. You are my fave in the new films.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Thank you. It’s a huge honor.


Ira Madison III And I’m glad you’re alive.


Louis Virtel Yeah. No shit.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh, my gosh.


Ira Madison III Let’s just say that.


Jasmin Savoy Brown But can we? Why is Chad alive? No mention of that?


Louis Virtel Oh no. We were talking. We were discussing this last week. Excuse me. They were basically throwing the knives at at a certain point at him.


Jasmin Savoy Brown He was like, oh *knife sound effects*. He was like, look, it’s like, hey.


Ira Madison III It’s made people online to be like, Because what people didn’t notice was that the theater that you guys all go into, like, there’s like a warning sign that says, like Jennifer Joely retrospect, who is Parker Posey’s character in the third film? And people are like, Wow, if he survived that, she has to be alive. Oh, my God. Like in people who just, like, died for like three stabs in the earlier films. Now, after Chad is like, well, everyone’s alive.


Jasmin Savoy Brown So that’s so true. Everyone is alive. And that would make an interesting Scream VII.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Everyone comes back.


Ira Madison III I mean, I was shocked that all of you that the core four survived know. And I read this like. Interview with Kevin Williamson from a few years ago, where he said when he was making like Scream II, like they they obviously had no idea there would be even a Scream III like a franchise or anything. And he was just like, Really? He really wanted people in the final act to be mad at Ghostface and to up the stakes. So he killed Randy because he knew that he couldn’t kill Gail or Dewey, you know? Right. But he says it’s the one death that he regrets. Because if it was because if he knew it would turn into a Scream franchise, he would have wanted Randy still around with him. Yeah, you know.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, that would have been really cool.


Ira Madison III So it’s nice the four of you are like, alive to take the films into, like, a new era.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah. How many do you think there will be? It’ll be like 13 Screams?


Louis Virtel Yes, I do. I think it’s Foley RuPaul’s Drag Race at this point.


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel I literally like RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s a franchise about being upset, standing the earlier installments, you know?


Jasmin Savoy Brown Oh, my God. That’s hilarious.


Ira Madison III And it’s it’s so funny, though, because it’s like as a horror fans who it’s, you know, we have like the nightmare and like 513 been like, you know, the Halloween films and like, those middle ones are usually we’re just like a mess, you know? But now we’re in like an era where, like, people care about the six versus the six film and a franchise actually being good. Yeah, right, Right.


Louis Virtel So as witty as it is, you know, bloody and eye popping. Yeah.


Jasmin Savoy Brown Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Well, fingers crossed for Scream 13.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Have a great day. Yes. Thank you so much. It’s good to talk to you, too.


Jasmin Savoy Brown This is lovely.


Ira Madison III <AD>.


Ira Madison III This week we got to add another entry for when you search. What the hell is going on with Gwyneth Paltrow on Google?


Louis Virtel And it was getting stale, so thank God. The trail was running cold. You know what I mean?


Ira Madison III Gwyneth took to the stand last weekend during the trial for the ski accident she was being sued for. And this case has left us scooped and gagged and angry. Because if I know in this trial we’re coming up, I would have asked Kerry Washington, was Gwyneth prepping for this trial while you were with her?


Louis Virtel No kidding. Also, she left us in the lurch. She knows we care about that. I’m a little upset with Kerry Washington right now.


Ira Madison III She’ll hear from us.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I didn’t realize even just watching the preliminary stuff about the trial or watching Gwyneth on the stand, that actually it sounds like. He ran into her and just dollar signs appeared in his eyes at some point and he decided, oh, I’m going to milk money out of this woman. I like it fully is It feels like she didn’t do anything wrong to me.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I mean, so, like, here is the thing about this trial. Terry Sanderson, this retired optometrist, ran into her apparently on the slopes in Deer Valley in 2016. That’s where I just was a few weeks ago for a ski trip.


Louis Virtel And also the detective work. You were right on site. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I was Lady Gaga. Okay. I went to investigate myself and get some answers. We never did find out what she learned about January 6th.


Louis Virtel I don’t think we ever will either. So I do believe she knows it.


Ira Madison III Yeah, we’ll hear about it in an album someday. Right.


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Yeah. But anyway, so this man is now suing Gwyneth Paltrow for brain injuries, allegedly. I don’t know what’s going on. It is the most unserious trial in recent memory. Yeah, because he was first suing her for 3.1 million and now suing her for 300,000. Gwyneth is countersuing for $1 symbolically and also attorney fees. But every aspect of this trial is farce. Is comedy. I don’t know who this attorney is that he hired.


Louis Virtel Right. And by the way, it wasn’t apparent from the viral clips that she was representing him. This woman who keeps going viral. But then it made more sense to me because I guess the tactic would be, oh, ask Stan like questions about Gwyneth Paltrow to butter her up and I guess get her prep to maybe admit something she wouldn’t normally admit to somebody who was being, you know, alpha and in her face.


Ira Madison III Right. So Kristin Van Orman, like the attorney for Sanderson, is giving off very, you know, like Mamie Drama in The Good Wife. You know, very like like, oh, I’m clueless. I’m asking these questions like trying to be your bestie and then maybe go in for the kill. But I’m just I’m wondering when the kill is supposed to be happening, right?


Louis Virtel When.


Ira Madison III You know.


Louis Virtel Do you want the assassination attempt occur?


Ira Madison III Because, first of all, the the proof that this man was damaged by, you know, the incident on the slopes, you know, he said that, you know, he says that would have skeet in him. And he is alleging, you know, that like he had the right of way for skiing. And so, like, Gwyneth should have, you know, not been in the way. And that also she left him for dead and just scared off after he was injured. Because his claim is that he’s no longer charming and that he can’t enjoy wine tastings anymore. And his kids have been on the stand and basically testified to the fact that now he’s kind of an asshole before that, before the accident. So there was no charm.


Louis Virtel Just claiming that you’re missing out on wine tastings. But you cannot out Gwyneth. Gwyneth.


Ira Madison III I’m sorry.


Louis Virtel You know, you’re not going to outmatch the bone broth-stress. Okay.


Ira Madison III You have a bone to pick with people who are stanning Gwyneth right now.


Louis Virtel Well, it just feels very Gwyneth Come Lately. I you know, we first of all, like you and I are qualified to make the joke. Oh, she simply moved into the film The Talented Mr. Ripley, where she now lives a life of exotic vacations and. Okay, somebody was maimed, you know, like that’s just like her life. She lives it. And we watch it. We enjoy it. It just feels like a lot of people who their primary Gwyneth pop culture reference is her Emmy winning turn on Glee. Maybe they remember the idea of Country Strong, but I don’t see that they went and actually saw that film. You know, I don’t see that they went to see.


Ira Madison III I was in the trenches.


Louis Virtel I mean, I know you were. Please.


Ira Madison III Lake Meester.


Louis Virtel Right. I am. I remember specifically thinking Leighton Meester was going to be a pop star once upon a time, not just because of Cobra Starship. She had that awesome cover of Bette Davis eyes that I only could find on Perez Hilton dot com at the time. Movie got a.


Ira Madison III And a song with Robin Thicke. Somebody to Love.


Louis Virtel Would love to know what happened to him. Is he still on the masked singer?


Ira Madison III Probably someone’s inside him. Probably. We’ll find out who’s been Robin Thicke all this time.


Louis Virtel He’s still on that show. Like on like taking a bird mask off somebody. And it’s the shaman from January 6th. So anyway, I just feel like Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s like a joke idea of her as a celebrity. And by the way, it’s valid. She all the time will say something even during this trial. And she says, Oh, I lost half a day of skiing. There is a quality about her that is ripe for laughter. But at the same time, it’s just she’s such a good for real actress that I wish still in this like making fun of Gwyneth space were in we still got some actual standing going on that forced her into good moviemaking. Because I will say what she’s doing in this trial feels like a good Gwyneth movie. You know, I would love to see her in a courtroom on the silver screen. So a part of this is almost painful in an ironic way that we’re getting now, Finally, the Gwyneth Paltrow performance we want. But it’s for people who make bad memes on Instagram.


Ira Madison III This is just like the O.J. trial. You know, it’s it’s exciting. It’s the O.J. trial. Only this time around, I want justice for a white woman. Good.


Louis Virtel Good Lord. I’m living with that comment. I’m rarely floored. I’m rarely floored. Okay. So this lawyer that’s working against her, do you know who she reminds me of? She reminds me of before she was fired. What Julianne Moore would have been like if Nicole Holofcener had kept her. And can you ever forgive me? That, to me, is what I envision for that movie. Please look up for Watch what happens live. To hear Julianne Moore talk about her one and only experience being fired from a movie.


Ira Madison III I did not know that.


Louis Virtel Yes, it’s a crazy story. And then Melissa McCarthy obviously took over the role and got an Oscar nomination. And also, I just can’t picture Julianne Moore in that role. It feels to me like we rarely get a dowdy. Julianne Moore, You know what I mean?


Ira Madison III Yeah. Even when she’s, you know, pill popping and screaming at the pharmacists in Magnolia, she is still giving you, like, vintage Hollywood glamor, right?


Louis Virtel Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. She’s like a, you know, an eye popping sort of beauty.


Ira Madison III Her child is missing from a play on The Forgotten. And that does not look like this bitch has been flying on a plane. Okay. She looks too kept. Julianne Moore, you got a you got to call up Charlize or something and figure out how to, like, take it down a notch.


Louis Virtel Apparently also in this trial, Gwyneth literally at the time texted somebody before she got to the bottom of the hill, before she could possibly have any idea that this man would be suing her. She said, wow, that guy really ran into me. Like, it just sounds like this guy was the cause of all this and also just seems dubious in general.


Ira Madison III You cannot be suing someone when you have an email that exists with the headline, I guess I’m famous now, but at what cost?


Louis Virtel Also, this happened seven years ago. I think his brain is still functioning. You know?


Ira Madison III Right. I mean, here’s one thing I will say in his defense. If I am in a ski accident with Gwyneth Paltrow and I’ve.


Louis Virtel Thought about this before.


Ira Madison III I would also think about suing.


Louis Virtel I mean. Right.


Ira Madison III She’s like, yes, he’s in it for a payday. I’m like, Of course, I’d also be in it for a payday, you know? But I think it would have to really be not my fault, because if I knew that it was kind of my fault, I would feel like I would be eviscerated on the stand, you know?


Louis Virtel Right, right, right. Yeah. Also, just like, you know, sonically, something about Gwyneth Paltrow being sued in the space feels correct. So I could see maybe thinking, Oh, the narrative will work in my favor anyway, since, you know, she’s the, like, the poster child for oblivious white lady. So maybe, like, the odds are stacked in my favor, but at the same time, it just sounds like you fucking collided with Gwyneth Paltrow, and now that’s it. Anyway, it’s been thrilling to watch. It’s just been one of the few very quotable trials, too. Like it just constantly being fed. I feel like things like Pop Crave really pulled through in this instance and just, you know, the sound bites alone were good enough.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I know. The sound bites are hilarious. You know, the the the Taylor Swift of it all to get back to her, um, Taylor Swift. I was like, Why were you first here? Like a quote from the trial, too. It’s sort of the surreal thing where you’re like, Why are they discussing Taylor Swift?


Louis Virtel It made no sense.


Ira Madison III Because the suing for $1, the lawyer was like, did you text your friend Taylor about, you know what, she’s suing the guy in her sexual assault case. For a dollar symbolically. And Gwyneth was like, no, I had no idea that she did that. And I’m like, this is Gwyneth Paltrow who didn’t even know she was in fucking Spider-Man. Okay. Like, do you think that she knows that Taylor Swift sued somebody for a dollar?


Louis Virtel Right. I expected her to be like, Oh, yeah, I remember her like that.


Ira Madison III I took my kids to a concert. Cool.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Exactly.


Ira Madison III And I’m sure Taylor was like, Gwyneth, what do you want to what can I welcome you to the stage? And Gwenyth was like, I’m good, honey.


Louis Virtel No, actually, when you phrase that, when you put that into context, that lawyer asking that question is pretty bastardly, you know?


Ira Madison III Yeah.


Louis Virtel Oh, yeah. Oh, that other white lady did this. Did you think you would be like that other white lady? You know, just demeaning the whole thing.


Ira Madison III Which also I mean, just to briefly mentioned to, you know, like Gwyneth does say that like because obviously you said she texted someone like that guy really ran into me. Like she was like when she was first hit on the slopes, she thought she was being assaulted or something, you know, because you’re standing there and then there’s just guys, skiers go through yours. And there was a man’s body on top of you, like, of course. What else would you think if you’re just a woman out there in the snow?


Louis Virtel Right. Losing half a day of skiing, though. One of the great quotes. I thank her for giving it.


Ira Madison III Baby, If I lost half a day of Apres ski, you might be upset. Okay, Come on.


Louis Virtel There’s lots of guys that actually go fucking skiing. And I have to tell you, I refuse. I’m sorry like that. I’m. I’m the Natasha Richardson incident. Too fresh for me. I remember it very vividly.


Ira Madison III Oh, God.


Louis Virtel Vanessa Redgrave going on talk shows afterwards. Absolutely not. She was grim anyway.


Ira Madison III I love a ski trip with friends. You know, I recently went on one to the same location where the accident happened. Harrowing. I could, you know.


Louis Virtel Arriving on vacation, harrowed.


Ira Madison III But I do not like skiing. I have no interest in it. I like the Maison Ski. Sure. You know.


Louis Virtel I like the outfits.


Ira Madison III Yeah, Yeah, the outfits, the cocktails, and, you know, the chalet.


Louis Virtel I like the Aaron Spelling of it. Yes, exactly.


Ira Madison III Yeah. I like the. Like with all the tents that they had. The one, especially in Deer Valley at the St Regis, you know, where there’s just like a deejay playing, and everyone’s just like, drinking Veuve and doing oysters shots and, you know, doing the shot ski thing, like the shots that are on, like the the ski is like tipping them back like that. It’s fun. That is that is white excellence. Yeah. Okay. What would you.


Louis Virtel James Bond. Yes.


Ira Madison III Okay. Well, your people came up with Apres ski. Yeah, they were in their bag. Okay. One of the best things white people have ever done. Ever.


Louis Virtel Something they’re still learning about in the South in history books. It’s one of the few things that still makes it.


Ira Madison III Yeah. All right, to wrap this up, we can’t be talking about Gwyneth without talking about our favorite Gwyneth roles.


Louis Virtel Oh, sure. Well, I mean, like The Talented Mr. Ripley comes to mind. Obviously, Shakespeare in Love holds up way better than most people would give it credit for. If I had to add another one, too. I think one of her earliest roles is one of her best. It’s a very small role, Mrs. Parker, in The Vicious Circle, where she it’s about Dorothy Parker, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. It’s about the Algonquin Round Table. Honestly, I love I like a lot about the movie, and I also don’t like a lot about it because it’s one of those it’s about Dorothy Parker. And so they just insert a lot of her best lines into dialog. And I don’t think that’s how Dorothy Parker functioned. I don’t think she was walking around dispensing the quotes you see on Dorothy Parker quotes dot com, you know what I mean? But Gwyneth has a very small role and it’s just it’s a star making performance and nobody talks about that movie. CAMPBELL Scott’s in it. Lots of great performances in it. Jennifer Beal is in it.


Ira Madison III I’m such a fan of, you know, Great Expectations.


Louis Virtel And by the way, there’s a new one of those with Olivia Colman. Right now. She’s slaying, though the show is quite slow.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And it’s also side note about Great Expectations. So it was pointing out online the fact that and this is very true, whenever that actress is buying Miss Havisham, it’s always this very old actress. This person is like a Dickens era. Someone who was like an old maid would have been like 40.


Louis Virtel Sure. Yes.


Ira Madison III So she’s she’s not actually elderly. I love Gwyneth in that, you know, what do you remember A Perfect Murder?


Louis Virtel That was from that era when she was just in like she had every genre and most of them were pretty good. That’s was part of that streak. Yeah.


Ira Madison III Michael Douglas, Viggo Mortensen. When we used to know what to do with him.


Louis Virtel Right. Oh, now we just throw him in everything. Yeah. Yeah. She’s also on a movie called Hard Eight. You know, that was the Paul Thomas Anderson Pre Boogie Nights. That’s good movie, too.


Ira Madison III You know, I’ve never seen Hard Eight.


Louis Virtel You would think we would talk more about the Paul Thomas Anderson movie with Gwyneth Paltrow in it and music by Michael Penn.


Ira Madison III That is one of my Paul Thomas Anderson.


Louis Virtel Blindspots?


Ira Madison III Blindspots.


Louis Virtel You’ve got to get on that.


Ira Madison III I need to fix that. You know my other blindspot is and this is going to be so weird.


Louis Virtel I’m clenching my fist.


Ira Madison III That I’ve never seen this because I reference the movie all the time. Because the the movie title has basically become like. A term.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III For describing something.


Louis Virtel Oh, here we go. Sliding Doors.


Ira Madison III Sliding Doors. Yeah. When we talk about  a Sliding Doors. Universe. Well, you know, like what life would be like if you had not gone through this one door or whatever. I’ve never seen Sliding Doors.


Louis Virtel I saw it in college. I think it’s a little bit more interesting of a concept than an execution. But she is great. I just miss her as a movie star, like just people who don’t do a lot of facial expressions. So when you do get a moment of Glee or something, it really feels like a reward. You know, I think this is a quality people associate with someone like maybe Kristen Stewart are even like Jennifer Lawrence, somebody who has that arresting deadpan face. And then when you get the moment of joy, it’s really rewarding.


Ira Madison III Hmm. Well, maybe I’ll revisit some Gwyneth’s movies now because the trial, I’m actually I’m going to fix those blind spots, and I’m actually eager to see if, um, if Bounce is a good movie.


Louis Virtel Now, that’s a good question.


Ira Madison III I never thought about her and Ben Affleck. Okay. Right. Yeah. Is it. Is it Julie level?


Louis Virtel Right. Right. Man. When she hosted SNL and that monologue where she makes fun of Ben Affleck for winning a writing Oscar. So funny. Oh, my God. She could really dress you down.


Ira Madison III All right. Well, shout out to Gwyneth. You know, please go back to acting.


Louis Virtel Yeah.


Ira Madison III Now go back to go back to stealing scripts from another writer.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Oh, wow. You said it. That’s a real juicy comment. I really feel outclassed. And here you are.


Ira Madison III Actually, don’t steal any scripts for 2023 Wynona Ryder.


Louis Virtel Oh, no, I’m not interested in that. I am interested in seeing her in Mr. Deeds, though. If she would give that a shot.


Ira Madison III Which current actress do you think Gwenyth should be stealing scripts? It’s rumored that she, like, stole, like, the role in Shakespeare in Love from Winona Ryder. Right. For those who don’t know.


Louis Virtel Also, Julia Roberts was up for that role, interestingly. Now, who should she steal from? Hmm. God, is there a good answer to this? I mean, I would like to see her in The Lost Daughter now that we’ve said Olivia Colman.


Ira Madison III Mm.


Louis Virtel I want a bleak, like.


Ira Madison III That’d be a good fucking role for her.


Louis Virtel Like bleak Gwyneth. Yeah, I’d like to see that.


Ira Madison III Yeah, okay, I can see that. I would love to see her in, like, some Olivia Colman esque roles. Like Gwyneth Paltrow in The Favorite.


Louis Virtel Right. Mhm. Imperious baddie.


Ira Madison III Role. Yeah. Would have been, would have been really interesting. Yep. Yep, yep. Yeah. Because she would have did a period film didn’t she?


Louis Virtel I mean besides like Shakespeare in Love.


Ira Madison III And besides that.


Louis Virtel I mean, she has all all sorts of roles.


Ira Madison III Yeah. Anyway, or. Or just go back to work with Wes Anderson again? I don’t know.


Louis Virtel Yeah, I’d like to. Right. A movie I haven’t thought about in like 15 years.


Ira Madison III I would like him to get back to his quirky Royal Tenenbaums era then whatever it is he’s doing now.


Louis Virtel Mm hmm. Yeah. I don’t love dogs that much.


Ira Madison III All right, well, we’re back, Keep It. And we’re back with our favorite segment of the episode. It is. Keep It. Louis, what’s going on?


Louis Virtel I hate giving a Keep It to something I am truly a huge fan of. But unfortunately, the White Lotus Season three, which will be coming out whenever it comes out. I mean, this is just an announcement I saw in Variety with exclusive in all caps, which, you know, which means I have to click right away because it might go away or something. The urgency is very funny. It’ll be set in Thailand. I have to say, Keep It to that. I feel like literally every single one of my friends guessed that it would be in Asia and literally in Thailand, because that’s the most, you know, quote unquote, exotic resort like location of, you know, in Asia. And I don’t know, I just I think at this point, it needs to be something a little bit more off the wall than that. And almost like they have to be in Antarctica and, you know, like like there’s non-human characters who are now big parts of it and speaking penguins, chatting with, you know, Haley Lu Richardson. That speaks to me.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And we can cast Jim Carrey in it, too. Was Mr. Popper crossover?


Louis Virtel That’s right. Professor Emeritus, Mr. Popper. Yes.


Ira Madison III Of you know, I’ve heard, like the thing that it’s supposed to be about, you know, like people like, you know, Eastern spirituality, how white people sort of like co-op that, you know, are very lost in translation or whatever.


Louis Virtel What are you trying to say about Alanis Morissette going to India? Okay. She had a spiritual conversion and we accept it as is.


Ira Madison III But, you know, it makes sense from my right. You know, there was a lot of spirituality in Enlightened. Yeah.


Louis Virtel Oh, that’s true. Yes.


Ira Madison III Yeah. So.


Louis Virtel By the way, are we getting her involved yet? Come on, get Laura Dern to the White Lotus.


Ira Madison III Besides just her voice on the phone with Michael Imperioli. Right. You know.


Louis Virtel That should be a good entree to the series, but that should be her reason to be involved.


Ira Madison III Yeah, I’m excited for season three and whoever is going to be cast, I will say it’s like a trend to be like, get this person in White Lotus season three. And I feel like some of you have lost the plot. Oh, right. Okay. Well, we don’t need Lindsay Lohan in season three of White Lotus. Okay. I think we let her raise her baby.


Louis Virtel I yeah, I think I think we’re just done with even the ironic standing of Lindsay Lohan. Now, she has come back and it was fine and it was good to see her. And I don’t need to see that again. Stopped it like upsets me a little bit. Like there’s a lot of people out there who are fucking fabulous actresses that we need to see more of. Again, Janet McTeer getting that small role on the menu. All right. Now you go to the White Lotus that I want to see. You go ahead and be 11 foot four in Thailand. I want to see it.


Ira Madison III Mm. You’re Janet McTeer in it up over there


Louis Virtel Janet McTeer fans would be called I’m a tumble pee weed. I don’t know. I’m a tumbleweed, I’m a tomboy. I tumble for Janet McTeer.


Ira Madison III Okay. All right. You’re having an Alpha five meltdown over there. Ay yi yi.


Louis Virtel Is this named Alpha five? Not just Alpha.


Ira Madison III It’s Alpha five.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. Power Rangers. We’re getting some revamped version of that, correct?


Ira Madison III We’re. Yeah, we’re getting, like, Rita’s back, and some of the original people are back, but not Amy Jo Johnson.


Louis Virtel Oh, I love her.


Ira Madison III I know.


Louis Virtel Yeah. Alpha really was giving you Urkel from the future. It was just straight up Urkel.


Ira Madison III Yeah, it was very Urkel-y. Right.


Louis Virtel Okay, Ira, what is your key about this week?


Ira Madison III My Keep It  this week goes to men.


Louis Virtel Oh, Terry McMillan jumped out. Here we go.


Ira Madison III And I’m not talking about the Alex Garland film, although I could be, because. Keep It to that movie, right?


Louis Virtel Yeah, I going to are You’re not keeping it.


Ira Madison III Okay. Yeah, but Keep It to men in the wake of this Jonathan Majors news.


Louis Virtel Oh God.


Ira Madison III That he maybe assaulted his girlfriend by, you know, like attacking her, maybe strangled her. Um, she reported it to the police. Or maybe he called 911. There are a lot of accounts that are online right now, you know, And, you know, to parse through all of them is maddening. Regardless of what actually happened. My Keep It goes to men for being very fucking predictable because it was just weeks ago that people were saying that Jonathan Majors was too soft or not masculine enough for like wearing pink, you know, for being, you know, just displaying like emotion in interviews with, like Michael Jordan, you know, like. And there are a lot of his magazine covers where he was wearing sort of, quote unquote, like feminine clothes, you know, And he was also cast in a Dennis Rodman biopic, too. And it was like, oh, he’d be, you know, wearing like the Dennis wedding dress and stuff like that. You know, like some part of the Internet was excited for it. And then there are men online who are like, you know, like, why are there destroying like our masculine men, etc., right?


Louis Virtel I every day I get up and put my hand on the Bible and ask the same question.


Ira Madison III Fast forward to this alleged assault. And now all of a sudden, the Jonathan Majors defense squad has jumped out. The same people who were saying that he wasn’t masculine enough before. Now it is. The police are trying to take a black man down. Hmm. Men are very predictable. And all it took was, you know. The prospect that maybe he assaulted a woman and maybe the police are trying to set him up or something to make you relate to him when you couldn’t relate to him before. And that’s so GROSS.


Louis Virtel That is really fucking gross. Also, I mean, as you just said, the news is baffling. Like you can’t tell what happened or what was even going on. It was like at a weird time of day was like at 11 a.m. in Chelsea or something. So it’s just there’s we can’t make heads or tails of it. So to have a strong opinion about what’s occurring to him makes no sense.


Ira Madison III And most of the reports, as always happens, which like this was just a lot of conjecture from people online. And.


Louis Virtel You don’t say.


Ira Madison III Write tweets writing tweets like they were actual fact. You know, people be like he was arrested on the spot. I was like, Was that true? I don’t think so. You know, so let’s just wait. So all this unfolds, although I will say in a maddening turn of events, he has hired Jen Shah’s attorney.


Louis Virtel Oh my God.


Ira Madison III To represent him.


Louis Virtel So I guess he is funny. I mean, what’s going on there?


Ira Madison III I guess he’s guilty. Yeah. Oh, is. And it reeks of Jen Shah-ness, too, because when he was released from custody, he was wearing a hat that said freedom on it. And I’m like, oh, all right. This is from the Jen Shah, from the Johnny Depp playbook of like, how do I paint myself as a victim?


Louis Virtel Right.


Ira Madison III Freedom.


Louis Virtel Tough. Tough. Come on. Wonderful George Michael song. But I don’t like it in the context here. Yeah.


Ira Madison III I only like freedom in 1991.


Louis Virtel The song is actually Freedom 90. But go ahead.


Ira Madison III Mm hmm. Was it?


Louis Virtel Sassy


Ira Madison III Freedom 90? The 13th Amendment.


Louis Virtel Okay. Okay. Okay. Well, I’ve been put in my place. And by my place, I mean, I’m quitting.


Ira Madison III After the 13th Amendment  was the original demo for Freedom 90, you know.


Louis Virtel Just word salad. Just spit in backwards. Up, down.


Ira Madison III Well, Harriet Tubman was the original supermodel.


Louis Virtel Oh, my God. Guys, picture her luxuriating in the bathtub, listening without prejudice. Volume one.


Ira Madison III Yeah, sorry. Nicki Minaj. She was wearing a sparkly crown when she was taking a slaves to freedom.


Louis Virtel I can’t believe that quote still gets play on this. Too amazing. All right.


Ira Madison III A wordsmith To be honest, she really is. Anyway, that’s so sweet. Shout out to Jasmin Savoy Brown for being generally fantastic.


Louis Virtel Yeah, we just love her.


Ira Madison III Yeah. And we’ll see you next week.  Don’t forget to follow us at Crooked Media on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to Keep It on YouTube for access to full episodes and other exclusive content. Plus, if you’re as opinionated as we are, consider dropping us a five star review on your podcast platform of choice. Keep It is a Crooked Media production. Our senior producer is Kendra James. Our producer is Chris Lord, and our associate producer is Malcolm Whitfield. Our executive producers are Ira Madison, the third. That’s me and Louis Virtel. This episode was recorded and mixed by Evan Sutton. Thank you to our digital team, Matt Groot, Nar Melkonian and Delon Villanueva for production support every week. And as always, Keep It is filmed in front of a live studio audience.