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October 12, 2020
Pod Save America
“Willy Wonka and The Covid Factory.”

In This Episode

The Trump-Covid ticket returns to the campaign trail despite unanswered questions about the President’s condition, Senate Republicans revolt against Covid relief negotiations between The White House and Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats make the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings about her opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Then Congresswoman Katie Porter talks to Jon Lovett about the pandemic, inequality, and the 2020 election.


Show Notes 


The Trump-Covid ticket returns to the campaign trail

  • Politico: Trump claims Covid immunity: ‘Having really a protective glow means something’
  • NYT: Offering few details, the White House doctor says Trump is no longer contagious.
  • CNN: Hours after Trump’s dark and divisive White House speech, his doctor still won’t say if he’s tested negative
  • FiveThirtyEight: What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Trump’s COVID-19 Treatment?
  • AP: Trump still contagious? Experts say it’s impossible to know
  • NYT: Regeneron Asks F.D.A. for Emergency Approval for Drug That Trump Claimed Cured Him
  • WaPo: White House physician Sean Conley draws scrutiny for rosy assessments of Trump’s health
  • CNN: CNN exclusive: Fauci says he was taken out of context in new Trump campaign ad touting coronavirus response
  • CNN Analysis: Trump chooses denial and recklessness as he’s set to resume campaign rallies 
  • NBC News: Trump’s post-hospital coronavirus message spotlights strength over safety
  • Politico: Trump allies turn Covid diagnosis into a message of strength
  • NYT: Trump’s Campaign Saw an Opportunity. He Undermined It.
  • NYT: Coronavirus Safety Runs Into a Stubborn Barrier: Masculinity
  • The Atlantic: What Strength Really Means When You’re Sick
  • NYT: ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Covid,’ Trump Says, Undermining Public Health Messages
  • NYT: Can Trump Squeeze More From His White Base in Pennsylvania and Beyond?
  • Politico: Trump keeps things brief in first public address since hospitalization
  • NYT: As Trump Recovers, He Retreats to a Conservative Media Safe Space
  • WSJ: Trailing in the Polls and Time Running Out, Trump Looks for One More Comeback
  • WaPo: Down in the polls, an ailing Trump finds lavish airtime on conservative media in two-day interview blitz
  • WaPo: Trump, lagging in polls, pressures Justice Dept. to target Democrats and criticizes Barr
  • NYT: Trump Lashes Out at His Cabinet With Calls to Indict Political Rivals
  • CNN: Trump calls in for rambling and ugly post-hospital interview
  • WaPo Analysis: Trailing in the polls, Trump inexplicably doubles down on his least popular arguments


Covid Relief

  • WaPo: White House pivots again on stimulus negotiations after bipartisan backlash
  • Politico: Meadows and Mnuchin urge repurposing PPP money amid stimulus wrangling
  • NBC News: Pelosi calls latest Trump stimulus proposal ‘grossly inadequate’ as Trump revives push
  • CNN: Trump’s $1.8 trillion stimulus proposal faces opposition from Pelosi and Senate GOP
  • AP: White House ups virus aid offer, resumes talks with Pelosi
  • NY Mag: Trump Tries to Revive Stimulus Talks He Blew Up
  • Axios: Trump tells House GOP leader he wants a “big deal” on COVID relief
  • AP News: Bleak outlook without stimulus: More layoffs, anemic growth
  • WaPo – Analysis: Trump just crushed stimulus talks, endangering the U.S. economy and 26 million on unemployment
  • CNN: Fed chair warns of economic tragedy if America can’t control the coronavirus 
  • Politico: ‘Danger sign’: State, local government job losses grow as Congress stalls on relief
  • WaPo: ‘Doomed to fail’: Why a $4 trillion bailout couldn’t revive the American economy
  • NY Mag: What the Disappointing Final Jobs Report Before the Election Tells Us About the Economy
  • CNBC: ‘Massively concerning’ jobs report sends a signal that the economic recovery could be fading
  • WaPo: Moms, Black Americans and educators are in trouble as economic recovery slows
  • The Hill: Trump economic adviser: Senate Republicans will ‘go along with’ White House stimulus proposal despite their pushback
  • Politico: Senate Republicans lambaste potential coronavirus deal
  • NYT: Senate Republicans Denounce White House’s Offer for Coronavirus Relief
  • CNN: Trump’s $1.8 trillion stimulus proposal faces opposition from Pelosi and Senate GOP
  • Axios: McConnell says stimulus “unlikely” before election despite Trump’s desperation
  • Vox: Trump’s confusing back-and-forth on fiscal stimulus, sort of explained
  • Message Box: The Case for a COVID Deal with Trump



  • NPR: READ: Amy Coney Barrett’s Opening Statement In Her Confirmation Hearing
  • CNBC: Amy Coney Barrett emphasizes her family in confirmation hearing opening statement
  • CNN: Amy Coney Barrett stresses late Justice Scalia’s influence in opening statement to Senate
  • CNN: Senate Democrats seek answers on materials missing from Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate paperwork
  • The Guardian: Holy war: Republicans eager to focus Amy Coney Barrett hearings on religion
  • Politico: Inside Democrats’ campaign against Amy Coney Barrett
  • NYT: Democrats, Facing Critical Supreme Court Battle, Worry Feinstein Is Not Up to the Task
  • CNN: Democrats look to avoid giving GOP fresh election-year material in Supreme Court spectacle
  • Morning Consult: Support Grows for Confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
  • Politico: Biden again deflects on court packing question
  • AP: Biden, Harris dodge questions about Supreme Court expansion
  • CNN: Biden says he’ll answer court-packing question ‘when the election is over’
  • The Atlantic: Biden and Harris Need an Answer on Court Packing
  • WaPo: Biden, Harris won’t say whether they would ‘pack’ the court, drawing Republican criticism