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February 14, 2024
Pod Save America
Will Chris Christie Back Biden?

In This Episode

Democrats win George Santos’s seat back, the House impeaches the Homeland Security Secretary instead of addressing the border crisis, and Biden joins TikTok. Addisu Demissie joins Lovett to break down the news and Chris Christie talks about what it will take to defeat Trump and whether he will support Biden in order to do it.


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  • CNN: Why the New York special election for George Santos’ seat matters
  • PBS: Live Results: New York special election to replace George Santos
  • CNN: Democrats hold cash and advertising edge in special election to succeed George Santos
  • CNN: Why the race for the House is the one to watch in 2024 
  • REUTERS: Democrats seek to regain US House seat vacated by Santos, erode Republicans’ majority 




  • NBC: Senate passes aid package for Ukraine and Israel, but its future is uncertain in the House
  • NYT: Ukraine Aid Bill Faces Hurdles in the House Amid G.O.P. Opposition
  • WSJ: Senate Passes $95.3 Billion Ukraine, Israel Aid Package
  • WaPo Analysis: The Ukraine bill got 70 Senate votes. Can the House GOP really ignore it?
  • Politico: ​​After facing off with Senate ‘Freedom Caucus’, McConnell urges Johnson on Ukraine
  • NYT: How Congress Could Bypass Republican Opposition to Funding Ukraine
  • Politico: Cornyn clashes with Ken Paxton over support for foreign aid bill
  • Axios: Cornyn-Paxton beef gets personal
  • Hill: Cornyn blasts Texas AG for ‘pushing Russian propaganda’
  • NYT: House Republicans Impeach Mayorkas for Border Policies
  • TheHIll: Republicans impeach Mayorkas in historic vote
  • NPR: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas impeached by House Republicans
  • ABC: House Republicans impeach Alejandro Mayorkas in historic vote




  • WaPo: Trump suggests daughter-in-law and two others for RNC leadership
  • NYT: Trump Backs His Candidate for R.N.C. Chair, and His Daughter-in-Law for Co-Chair
  • Politico: ‘Just more chaos’: New Haley ad blasts Trump
  • NBC: Nikki Haley suggests Trump is aiming to ‘take’ the election by promoting his daughter-in-law for RNC leadership




  • The Hill: House China panel chair urges Biden to ‘reverse course’ on TikTok
  • Politico: Biden nets 67,000 TikTok followers in first day
  • NYT: Biden’s First TikTok Post Jokes About Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory