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“Where are the tests?”

Trump’s failures put the U.S. behind the rest of the world on testing, Congress debates the size and scope of the next economic relief package, and Joe Biden moves closer to clinching the Democratic nomination. Then Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, host of Crooked Media’s America Dissected, answers some of your questions about the coronavirus pandemic.

Crooked has started a Coronavirus Relief Fund for organizations supporting food banks, health care workers, restaurant workers, seniors, kids who depend on school lunches, and others in need. Donate: crooked.com/coronavirus

We played clips from listeners around the country in today’s episode about how they’ve been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. if you’d like to share your story, send a voice note or video to 323 405-9944.

Show notes


  • NYT: U.S. plans to swiftly turn back people entering from Mexico illegally.
  • NPR: Trump Partly Shuts Border With Canada To Stem Spread Of Coronavirus
  • NBC News: Trump to suspend evictions, authorizes Defense Production Act to mobilize businesses to aid coronavirus response
  • Reuters: Trump says he will invoke wartime act to fight ‘enemy’ coronavirus
  • Vox: The Defense Production Act, the law Trump is using to boost coronavirus supplies, briefly explained
  • WaPo: A chilling scientific paper helped upend U.S. and U.K. coronavirus strategies
  • CNN: US, UK coronavirus strategies shifted following UK epidemiologists’ ominous report
  • Politico: Senate to pass coronavirus package as Treasury proposes emergency checks starting April 6
  • NBC News: US Senate coronavirus vote delayed after Rand Paul pushes doomed amendment
  • WSJ: House Democrats Scale Back Paid-Leave Program in Coronavirus-Aid Bill
  • CNBC: Here’s where things stand on the White House’s push for a $1 trillion stimulus package
  • WSJ: Trump Administration Proposes Direct Payments to Americans Totaling $500 Billion
  • WaPo: White House expresses support for immediate cash payments to Americans as part of coronavirus stimulus package
  • NYT: ‘Go Big’ on Coronavirus Stimulus, Trump Says, Pitching Checks for Americans
  • MarketWatch: Here are the industries that could get coronavirus aid from the U.S. government 
  • Politico: Poll: Trump earns mixed grades on coronavirus response
  • Pew: U.S. Public Sees Multiple Threats From the Coronavirus – and Concerns Are Growing 
  • WaPo: A new poll shows Trump’s magical lying powers are failing him
  • Daily Beast: Trump World and Senate GOPers Want to Jam Pelosi on Coronavirus Stimulus
  • Politico: Pelosi Has Trump Over a Barrel
  • Politico: Democrats say Mnuchin squeezed paid sick leave program
  • Vox: Exclusive: Sen. Warren to ask Trump to deploy Army Corps of Engineers for coronavirus help
  • Vox: A family of 4 could get $18,000 this year under a cash bill by Senate Democrats
  • Politico: Democrats look to stave off ‘blank check’ for airlines
  • The Hill – Warren, Pressley urge student debt cancellation to be part of next coronavirus emergency funding package
  • WKYC – Sen. Sherrod Brown introduces bill to protect credit scores during coronavirus pandemic
  • Business Insider – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demands the government distribute a universal basic income and implement ‘Medicare for all’ to fight the coronavirus
  • Morning Consult – House Democrats Push for Renewable Energy Tax Credits in Coronavirus Stimulus 
  • Detroit Metro Times – Amid coronavirus concerns, Reps. Tlaib, Dingell, and Kildee ask Congress to protect residents from high water bills and shutoffs
  • RealClear Politics – Sanders Calls For $2,000 Per Month In Coronavirus Financial Aid, Plus Temporary Medicare For All
  • Dover Post – Coons, Cardin introduce $17B bill to relieve small business loan payments for 6 months
  • Congress – S.3513
  • Congress – S.3510
  • Congress – S.3509
  • Vox: Voting by mail could get a boost during the US coronavirus outbreak 
  • NYT: No Stimulus Without Election Protection
  • CNBC: Senators push to let every American vote by mail as coronavirus keeps people at home
  • WaPo: Here’s how to guarantee coronavirus won’t disrupt our elections
  • Democracy Docket: Four Pillars to Safeguard Voting Rights with Vote by Mail
  • WaPo: The virus means we’ll be voting by mail. But that won’t be easy.
  • Buzzfeed News: The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Made Voting In Illinois Today A Full Mess 
  • FiveThirtyEight: 5 States Have Postponed Their Primaries Because Of The Coronavirus 
  • NYT: How Much Does Voting Spread Viruses?
  • FiveThirtyEight: Primary Polling Places Are Full Of Older People … And The Coronavirus
  • WaPo: Another reason to worry: Coronavirus could upend our election
  • NY Mag: Can America Vote by Mail in November?
  • WaPo: The prospect of easier and fairer voting terrifies Republicans
  • Billings Gazette: GOP chairman says mail elections hurt Republicans, is accused of voter suppression
  • New Republic: Don’t Let Trump Off the Hook for the Coronavirus Crisis
  • CNN: CNN’s Dana Bash praises Trump’s message to Americans
  • The Hill: CNN’s Bash praises Trump’s tone: ‘The kind of leader that people need’ 
  • CNN: Trump, finally, takes the coronavirus emergency seriously
  • Politico: A chastened Trump presents a newly somber tone
  • The Daily Beast: ‘Hoax’ Is So Last Week. Now Fox Praises Trump for Virus Emergency.
  • WaPo: On Fox News, suddenly a very different tune about the coronavirus
  • CBS News: President Trump uses term “Chinese virus” to describe coronavirus, prompting a backlash
  • Politico: Trump on ‘Chinese virus’ label: ‘It’s not racist at all’
  • Politico: Trump labels himself a ‘wartime president’ combating coronavirus
  • The Hill: Trump acknowledges poor press relationship on coronavirus
  • Politico: ‘It’s going to disappear’: Trump’s changing tone on coronavirus
  • CNN: What drove Trump’s newfound somber tone on coronavirus
  • Politico: White House pauses testimony for officials handling coronavirus response
  • Politico: Why some Democrats worry the coronavirus could help Trump win reelection
  • WaPo: Democratic groups to spend millions hitting Trump over coronavirus response
  • Biden statement on immediate actions that should be taken to address coronavirus
  • Biden Tuesday night speech
  • NPR: Biden, Sanders Remarks Show How The Coronavirus Has Upended The Campaign
  • Al Jazeera: Biden and Sanders tear into Trump over coronavirus response
  • Buzzfeed News: Members Of Congress Are Asking Nancy Pelosi To Let Them Vote Remotely Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • NYT: Once Political B-Listers, Governors Lead Nation’s Coronavirus Response
  • Politico: Trump lashes out at Dem governors amid coronavirus coordination
  • The Hill: Warren, Sanders question Trump admin over coronavirus tests


  • NYT: Biden Sweeps Three States and Takes Commanding Lead, as Virus Reshapes American Politics
  • WaPo: Joe Biden romps over Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois and Arizona in Tuesday balloting
  • Vox: Joe Biden has now essentially won the Democratic nomination
  • Politico: Biden sweeps Sanders in Illinois, Florida and Arizona
  • FiveThirtyEight – Biden Won Tuesday’s Primaries As Voters Embraced Voting By Mail
  • NYT: 4 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Democratic Primaries
  • WaPo: The Trailer: What we know after Tuesday’s primaries
  • FiveThirtyEight – Election Update: Biden’s Delegate Lead Is Now Nearly Insurmountable
  • WaPo: Biden is in control of the campaign, but politics is entering the vast unknown of the coronavirus
  • Vox: The race for presidential delegates is well underway. Track them here.
  • The Atlantic — The Long Arc of Joe Biden  
  • NBC News – Key takeaways from Florida, Illinois, Arizona: Biden cruising to the nomination
  • Vox:  Vote-by-mail and early voting helped prevent a turnout plummet on Tuesday
  • The Atlantic – The End Days of the Democratic Primary
  • New Yorker – Joe Biden, the Normalcy Candidate, Keeps Winning in Abnormal Times
  • NBC News – Sanders’ coronavirus pitch flopped. Was it the message or the messenger?
  • Politico: Don’t stop the primaries! – We can stick to our election schedule even during a pandemic. Heres how.
  • Politico: Alabama Senate runoff postponed until July 
  • WaPo: Sanders faces growing pressure to withdraw from presidential race
  • NYT: Sanders Has More Time. He Just Doesn’t Have the Delegates.
  • NYT: Bernie Sanders Has Almost No Realistic Chance to Win. Some Democrats Say ‘It’s Over.’
  • Politico: Sanders will ‘assess his campaign’ after recent losses, campaign manager says
  • The Atlantic – The Sanders Campaign Needs to End, Now
  • NY Mag – Why Is Bernie Sanders Still Running for President?
  • Politico: How Biden flips Arizona
  • NYT: Progressive Ideas Remain Popular. Progressive Presidential Candidates Are Losing. Why?
  • Vox: Joe Biden is winning, even though most Democrats support Medicare-for-all
  • Vox: Democrats are coalescing around Biden — except for young voters – But young people arent turning out in enough numbers to turn the tide for Sanders.
  • NYT: Trump’s Campaign Has Had to Adjust to His Changing View of the Coronavirus 
  • Politico: Why some Democrats worry the coronavirus could help Trump win reelection
  • Politico: Weld ends long-shot bid for GOP nomination 
  • Vox: Marie Newman unseats one of the last anti-abortion Democrats in Illinois’s 3rd District
  • Politico: Rep. Dan Lipinski falls in Democratic primary 
  • NYT: Marie Newman on Her Big Victory: ‘You Have to Be in Alignment With Your District’
  • Buzzfeed – A Progressive Challenger Has Beaten One Of The Last Anti-Abortion Democrats In Congress
  • Slate – The Left Finally Took Down Another Incumbent Democrat. What Can We Learn From It?
  • Chicago Tribune – Column: Money spent on abortion ads likely spelled his defeat in election, Lipinski says

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