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Majority 54 with Jason Kander

What is the Role of Business in Social Progress?

One of the best parts of doing this podcast is getting to highlight friends of mine who are doing big things or have big ideas or both. Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has a history of public service, and now he’s continuing it from the private sector.

He’s a deeply thoughtful guy and he’s really made me think differently about what expectations we should put on the business community in America. I mean, yes, as progressives we think big business should pay its fair share of taxes and should treat workers fairly, but Deval doesn’t stop there – he’s saying there’s no reason companies can’t also seek to make the world a better place too. This is something I’ve been talking about a lot in here in Kansas City because I want to make sure the progress in KC is felt by everyone – residents and employers alike.

Here is my conversation with my friend Deval Patrick about reinvesting in America.

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