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October 11, 2022
Pod Save America
"Weed Is Tight (and so are the midterms)"

In This Episode

The Republican closing argument is as Trumpy and racist as ever. Joe Biden takes a big step towards decriminalizing marijuana. And Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock stops by to talk about his very close race against Herschel Walker.


Show Notes 


  • AZ Central: Trump in Arizona: Former president ends speech saying U.S. is ‘nation in decline’
  • Washington Examiner: Trump airs video of Biden slip-ups at Nevada rally 
  • CNN: Trump campaigns for Arizona election deniers in a state that will test his power in 2022 and beyond 
  • ABC AZ 15: Thousands attend Republican rally to hear from Donald Trump 
  • Sacramento Bee: Donald Trump uses California as a punchline in Nevada rally for GOP candidates 
  • Newsweek: Donald Trump Praises Jan. 6 Crowd as ‘Biggest I’ve Ever Seen’ During Rally CNN: Trump’s visit to small Nevada town highlights importance of rural voters to state Republicans
  • The Hill: Some Arizona Republicans gather with Hobbs ahead of Trump rally for Lake Politico: Trump’s legal drama is nowhere in the campaign ad wars 
  • NYT: How Trump Deflected Demands for Documents, Enmeshing Aides 
  • NV Independent: Trump decries Nevada gas prices, boosts Laxalt, Lombardo and GOP ticket
  • WaPo: Trump super PAC reserves millions in airtime in key states 
  • Mother Jones: Tommy Tuberville Decries Reparations as Payments for “People That Do the Crime” 
  • USA Today: Kanye West, Tommy Tuberville and the antisemitic, racist, no good, very bad weekend
  • The Hill: Judiciary GOP under pressure to remove tweet seen as supportive of Kanye West Newsweek: Prominent Republicans Defend Kanye West’s Controversial Fox News Interview 
  • Fox News: Kanye West sits down with Tucker Carlson, voters concerned as murders rise and more top headlines 
  • NBC: Nevada Democrats sound alarm as election denier leads secretary of state race
  • Vice: This QAnon Secretary of State Candidate Is Promising to Reinstall Trump in 2024
  • NBC: Arizona candidate wants to ban mail-in voting. He uses it a lot.
  • TIME: An Oath Keeper Could End Up in Charge of Arizona’s Elections
  • CNN: These two elections deniers have a good chance of winning jobs overseeing elections
  • CNN: Here’s who is not eligible for Biden’s marijuana pardon
  • WaPo: ​​Biden’s directive on marijuana faces a Catch-22
  • Economist: Why did Joe Biden pardon people convicted of federal marijuana offences?
  • Axios: The politics of Biden’s marijuana pardons
  • Last Prisoner Project: Exactly how many people are locked up for weed?



  • NYT: ‘Saved by Grace’: Evangelicals Find a Way Forward With Herschel Walker
  • McClatchy: ‘Not talking about it.’ Why Raphael Warnock avoids discussing abortion during Senate race
  • NYPost: Georgia Lt. Gov. says Herschel Walker ‘hasn’t earned my vote’ as abortion allegations mount
  • NBC: Abortion bombshell rocks GA Senate race. Neither candidate wants to discuss it.
  • DailyBeast: ‘Pro-Life’ Herschel Walker Paid for Girlfriend’s Abortion
  • GeorgiaDems: All Eyes on Walker’s Lies
  • NYT: Will the Herschel Walker Allegations Actually Matter?
  • WarnockForGeorgia: Following Senator Reverend Warnock’s Advocacy, White House Announces Student Debt Cancellation for Georgians
  • KaiserHealthNews: Impending Hospital Closure Rattles Atlanta Health Care Landscape and Political Races


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