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November 06, 2020
Pod Save America
“We won.”

In This Episode

Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan discuss Joe Biden’s victory over one-term President Donald Trump, and what comes next in the fight for democracy.


Show Notes


Biden wins

  • Vox: Joe Biden has won. Here’s what comes next.
  • WaPo: Biden pulls ahead in Pa. with release of more Philadelphia vote counts
  • WaPo: Biden takes narrow lead in Georgia on strength of absentee ballots
  • NYT: Where the Key States Stand in a Possible Day of Decision for Biden
  • WaPo: Biden patched up the Blue Wall, but he failed to rebuild Obama’s coalition
  • WaPo: Election reveals deeper divides between red and blue America
  • Politico: Biden breaks Obama record for most votes
  • NYT: The Electoral College is close. The popular vote isn’t.
  • NYT: A Split Decision for Democrats
  • Politico: Three Reasons Biden Flipped the Midwest
  • NBC News – How Joe Biden reclaimed Michigan for the Democrats
  • WaPo: How Stacey Abrams helped push Georgia toward Biden’s column
  • Vox: Why Georgia was so competitive for Democrats this year
  • Vogue – How Stacey Abrams Is Turning the Tide in Georgia
  • WaPo: Black voters could save Biden’s campaign once again
  • The Atlantic – The South Has Already Changed
  • The Atlantic – A Cold War Between Red and Blue America
  • WaPo: Biden renews call for patience as Trump assails vote-counting process 
  • WaPo: Partisan realities clash, again, this time on the vote count
  • Axios: Biden his time
  • NYT: Analysis: Where the key states stand as ballots continue to be counted.
  • Politico: Democrats Look at Trump Voters and Wonder, ‘What the Hell Is Your Problem?’
  • The Atlantic – A Large Portion of the Electorate Chose the Sociopath – America will have to contend with that fact.
  • Axios: Election likely hardens political limits of Biden climate agenda
  • Vox: Trump’s gains with Hispanic voters should prompt some progressive rethinking
  • Politico: Biden confronts a potential Cabinet obstacle: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  • Mediaite – Axios Pushes GOP Propaganda to Bully Joe Biden Into Surrendering on Cabinet Picks — Which He Should Ignore


Trump loses

  • NYT: In Torrent of Falsehoods, Trump Claims Election Is Being Stolen
  • Vox: Trump’s desperate White House rant was everything people feared about his presidency in a nutshell
  • NYT: Major Networks Cut Away From Trump’s Baseless Fraud Claims
  • AP: Networks cut away from Trump’s White House address
  • CNN: Fact check: Trump delivers the most dishonest speech of his presidency as Biden closes in on victory
  • Politico: Trump, in White House address, continues to level unfounded charges of election fraud
  • WaPo: In a speech of historic dishonesty, Trump tried to reinforce his long-planned effort to retain power
  • NYT: The President Versus Democracy
  • The Atlantic – Trump Moves Into the Burn-It-Down Phase
  • Vox: Anderson Cooper described Trump as “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun”
  • NYT: Secretaries of State in Spotlight as Trump Ratchets Up Attacks to Sow Doubt
  • NYT: The Disinformation Is Coming From Inside the White House 
  • BuzzFeed – Eric Trump Is An Election Disinformation Superspreader 
  • NYT: False News Targeting Latinos Trails the Election
  • Politico: How ‘SharpieGate’ went from online chatter to Trumpworld strategy in Arizona
  • CNN: Right-wing media portrayed window covering at ballot center as nefarious. Here’s what really happened
  • Daily Beast – Trump Warns Of Corrupt, Post Election Day Votes As His Supporters Push For Them In PA
  • WaPo: If Trump loses, the recriminations are going to get very ugly
  • NYT: The Rise and Fall of the ‘Stop the Steal’ Facebook Group
  • Vox: Why the Supreme Court is unlikely to steal the election for Donald Trump
  • WaPo: How Trump loyalists are driving his campaign’s legal efforts to challenge ballots
  • Politico: Trump’s legal team makes no significant progress in election fight
  • NYT: Flashbacks to Florida in 2000 as Trump Heads to Court to Save His Presidency
  • Politico: Why the Supreme Court probably won’t help Trump’s reelection fate
  • NY Mag – Trump Wants to Steal the Election, But He’ll Fail
  • New Yorker – By Declaring Victory, Donald Trump Is Attempting an Autocratic Breakthrough
  • WaPo: GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations’
  • NYT: Fox News Meets Trump’s Fraud Claims With Skepticism
  • NYT: Fox News Helped Fuel Trump’s Rise. Now It’s Reporting on a Possible Fall
  • NYT: Fox’s Arizona Call for Biden Flipped the Mood at Trump Headquarters
  • Daily News – Jared Kushner Reached Out to Rupert Murdoch After Fox News Called Arizona for Biden
  • Slate: Nobody Is Listening to Donald Trump
  • WaPo: Fox News is pulling out all the stops to promote Trump’s twisted logic about ‘corrupt’ voting
  • NYT: The Polls Underestimated Trump — Again. Nobody Agrees on Why.


Down ballot

  • NYT: Republicans Tighten Hold on Senate, but Control Could Be Decided in Runoffs
  • Vox: Democrats have a very narrow path left to win back the Senate
  • WaPo: Republicans clinging to Senate majority
  • WaPo: Centrist House Democrats lash out at liberal colleagues, blame far-left views for costing the party seats
  • WSJ: Pelosi Faces Lawmakers Frustrated Over Loss of House Seats
  • Politico: Dem leaders warn liberal rhetoric could blow Georgia races
  • CNN: Some House Democrats fall while the party fails to flip some key suburban districts
  • NY Mag: Republicans Make Shocking Gains in the House
  • WaPo: House Democrats appear poised to keep the House but fall drastically behind expectations
  • WaPo: House Democrats’ losses crystallize a disappointing down-ballot election so far for the party
  • NYT: In Ascendant Night for Congressional Republicans, Women Led the Way
  • Politico: Dem leaders warn liberal rhetoric could blow Georgia races
  • CNBC: Georgia Senate runoff election is shaping up to cost tens of millions of dollars
  • Politico: Dems and GOP gear up for overtime in Georgia with Senate on the line
  • Vox: The future of the Senate majority could hinge on two Georgia runoffs
  • WaPo: Control of the Senate heads into overtime as Georgia braces for runoff elections
  • WSJ: Control of U.S. Senate Hinges on Georgia Results
  • Forbes: Here’s Why Alaska Hasn’t Been Called Yet
  • Anchorage Daily News: Early results show Alaska Republican incumbents Sullivan, Young with big leads in congressional races
  • AP: Wait is on in Alaska Senate race as ballot count continues
  • Politico: ‘It’s a money bomb’: Parties rush to surprising Alaska Senate race