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March 30, 2023
Pod Save America
“We Got Him!(?)”

In This Episode

The Manhattan grand jury indicts Donald Trump.  The right turns a school shooting into a culture war. The Special Counsel gets Mike Pence to testify. Chris Christie wants to destroy Donald Trump. Kevin McCarthy wants Joe Biden to pay an unspecified debt ceiling ransom. And Congress might want to ban TikTok. Then later, Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez stops by to talk about her upset win in rural Washington.


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Show Notes



  • NYT: What We Know About the Nashville School Shooting
  • ABC Video: Biden delivers remarks on mass shooting in Nashville
  • Insider: Some Republicans are speculating that the Nashville shooter’s reported trans identity played a role in causing the deadly incident
  • WaPo: GOP donors open to other Trump challengers as DeSantis tries to find footing
  • USAToday: Where is the GOP budget proposal? House Republicans face time crunch with looming deadline
  • Playbook: What Dems really think of the GOP’s debt demands
  • Punchbowl: NEW: Inside McCarthy’s debt limit plan 
  • The New Republic: Congress Wants to Ban TikTok. The Courts Might Have Other Ideas.
  • The Hill: How could the US ban TikTok?