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April 25, 2023
Pod Save America
Tucker? I Hardly Knew Her

In This Episode

Joe Biden is officially running for re-election. The Republican primary is still Trump’s to lose. The Supreme Court protects access to the abortion medication for now. Fox News fires Tucker Carlson. Bud Light succumbs to cancel culture. The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich talks to Lovett about his weird breakfast with Chris Christie. Then the guys make some predictions about Joe Biden’s campaign announcement video.


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Show Notes 

  • NYT: How Democrats Learned to Cast Aside Reservations and Embrace Biden 2024
  • WaPo: Democrats reluctant about Biden 2024, but they see no other choice
  • Politico: Why Biden world cares — a lot — about when he announces his reelection
  • Semafor: Inside the pro-DeSantis super PAC that could make or break his 2024 run
  • FiveThirtyEight: Trump Is Racking Up Endorsements In Florida. Should DeSantis Be Worried?
  • Axios: Trump looms over DeSantis despite voters craving new 2024 candidates: Polls
  • WaPo: The Supreme Court delivers a sigh of relief — and an outrageous dissent
  • Daily Beast: Pleading to Evangelicals, Trump Makes Insane Anti-Abortion Comments
  • WaPo: Abortion divides 2024 candidates and confounds many within the GOP
  • NYT: Losing Ballot Issues on Abortion, G.O.P. Now Tries to Keep Them Off the Ballot
  • NYT: Fox News Parts Ways With Tucker Carlson
  • TheAtlantic: Tucker’s Successor Will Be Worse
  • AP: Bud Light exec takes leave after boycott calls, reports say
  • TheAtlantic: The Case for a Primary Challenge to Joe Biden
  • TheAtlantic: Just Wait Until You Get to Know Ron DeSantis