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March 09, 2023
Pod Save America
“Tuck Around and Find Out.”

In This Episode

Tucker Carlson hates Donald Trump but loves his insurrectionists, Democratic pollster Celinda Lake stops by to talk about Joe Biden’s new economic plan, and Chief Take Officer Elijah Cone joins for a game of Take Take Don’t Tell Me.





  • Playbook: Inside the latest Fox document dump
  • WSJ: Documents From Fox Defamation Suit Spotlight Tension Between Prime-Time Hosts and News Personnel
  • WaPo: Tucker Carlson said he hates Trump ‘passionately,’ Fox lawsuit texts show 
  • NYT: ‘The Whole Thing Seems Insane’: New Documents on Fox and the Election 
  • WaPo: Tucker Carlson producer: ‘One funny thing’
  • Politico: White House goes after Tucker Carlson by name over Jan. 6 coverage
  • Brookings: Polls show Americans are divided on the significance of January 6
  • The Atlantic: The January 6 Whitewash Will Backfire
  • The Atlantic: The Mystery of the QAnon Shaman on January 6 



  • NYT: Biden Is Set to Detail $3 Trillion in Measures to Reduce Deficits
  • NYT: Joe Biden: My Plan to Extend Medicare for Another Generation 
  • NYT: House G.O.P. Prepares to Slash Federal Programs in Coming Budget Showdown
  • NYT: Democratic Report Explores Blue-Collar Struggles: ‘Our Brand Is Pretty Damaged’
  • TheHill: Public support soft on GOP debt limit demands


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