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February 23, 2023
Pod Save America
“Trump’s Train Blame Game.”

In This Episode

Donald Trump and his MAGA friends use a toxic train crash in Ohio to pick a fight with the White House. Joe Biden surprises the world with a secret trip to Ukraine. The Republican primary is already a race to see who can out-Trump each other. And Leah Litman from Strict Scrutiny talks about the two big tech cases at the Supreme Court and Trump’s Fulton County investigation.


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Show Notes



  • WaPoOpinion:  The right fans a repulsive campaign to racialize the Ohio train disaster
  • AP: Trump: East Palestine train derailment response a ‘betrayal’
  • Politico: Trump’s visit to Ohio derailment gives Biden’s team some breathing room
  • CNN: EPA says it can fine Norfolk Southern $70,000 a day if it falls short of cleaning up and paying for the Ohio toxic train wreck
  • Forbes: White House Demands GOP, Ex-Trump Officials Apologize To East Palestine For Toxic Rail Spill



  • AP: Biden declares ‘Kyiv stands’ in surprise visit to Ukraine
  • Atlantic: Biden Went to Kyiv Because There’s No Going Back
  • NYT: In Biden’s Unannounced Visit to Kyiv, a Preview of an Increasingly Direct Contest With Putin
  • AP: Russia suspends only remaining major nuclear treaty with US
  • NBC: Biden’s visit to Ukraine draws criticism from conservative House Republicans
  • CNN: Top House Republicans call on Biden to increase military support for Ukraine



  • Playbook: Tim Scott makes ‘24 move, as Biden wobbles
  • NPR: Poll: Biden’s standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters
  • WaPo: Tim Scott is a talented candidate finding his theme
  • Fox: As he stops in Iowa, fueling more 2024 buzz, Tim Scott says it’s ‘about the mission,’ not the ‘timeline’
  • Fivethirtyeight: Most Americans Think House Republicans Aren’t Investigating Real Problems
  • AP: Trump absent as Iowa 2024 GOP caucus train begins to roll
  • MSNBC: For 2024 Republicans, the race to the bottom is already underway
  • The Hill: Haley says DeSantis didn’t go ‘far enough’ with ‘Don’t Say Gay’
  • NYT: Tim Scott Weighs 2024 Run, Selling Unity to a Party Eager for a Fight
  • NYT: What Nikki Haley Can Teach Us About the Republican Party



  • NYT: Supreme Court Seems Wary of Limiting Protections for Social Media Platforms
  • Politico: Google appears to dodge disaster as justices review tech law
  • Slate: ​​A Supreme Court Case About ISIS and YouTube Could Change the Internet as We Know It
  • CNN: Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Twitter case that could upend the internet