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July 14, 2022
Pod Save America
"Trump's Tamper Tantrum."

In This Episode

Donald Trump tries to cover up incriminating January 6th testimony with some light witness tampering, Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto joins to talk about the fight for abortion access and her very tight midterm race, and Jon and Dan debate the debate over whether Joe Biden should run for re-election in 2024.


Show Notes 

January 6 

  • NYT: Tears, Screaming and Insults: Inside an ‘Unhinged’ Meeting to Keep Trump in Power
  • WaPo: Ex-Oath Keeper outlines dark worldview behind U.S. Capitol attack
  • CNN: ​​One question Trump keeps asking: When will the January 6 hearings end?
  • The Atlantic: Why They Still Support Trump
  • WaPo: Jan. 6 panel spotlights Twitter’s role in insurrection
  • WaPo: Trump hid plan for Capitol march on day he marked as ‘wild’, panel says

BIDEN 2024

  • NYT: Poll Shows Tight Race for Control of Congress as Class Divide Widens 
  • The Hill: ​​Democrats hold 4-point advantage on generic congressional ballot: survey 
  • NYT: Most Democrats Don’t Want Biden in 2024, New Poll Shows 
  • The Hill: Biden fires back at 2024 doubts: Democrats ‘want me to run’
  • WaPo: Democrats’ desire to turn the page on Biden in 2024 is highly unusual 
  • Insider: Biden says he ‘would not be disappointed’ with a 2024 rematch against Trump CNN: As worries about Biden in 2024 grow, other Democrats aren’t stepping forward to challenge him 
  • NYT: Joe Biden Is Too Old to Be President Again 
  • Politico: Progressive group to press Biden not to run in 2024 
  • Intelligencer: Are Democrats Stuck With Joe Biden in 2024? 
  • NYT: At 79, Biden Is Testing the Boundaries of Age and the Presidency 
  • YouGov: Most voters don’t want Biden to run again in 2024, and a majority say the same about Trump
  • WaPo: Biden 2024? America Needs to Know Now
  • The Atlantic: Why Biden Shouldn’t Run in 2024


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