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June 22, 2023
Pod Save America
Trump's Perfect Interview (plus Jake Tapper!)

In This Episode

Donald Trump employs the novel legal strategy of confessing his crimes on television. Hunter Biden strikes a plea deal with a Trump prosecutor. RFK JR’s anti-vax, anti-wifi candidacy gets a boost from Joe Rogan and Elon’s VC fanboys. And Justice Sam Alito is mad we all found out he got free rides on a billionaire’s private jet whose hedge fund he later ruled in favor of. Then, CNN’s Jake Tapper stops by the studio to talk about Trump, CNN, Fox, and his new novel “All the Demons Are Here.”


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Show Notes


  • Playbook: Dems salivate as McCarthy caters to the right
  • NYT: Trump Says ‘Secret’ Document He Described on Tape Referred to News Clippings
  • The Atlantic: Trump Seems to Be Afraid, Very Afraid
  • NYT: Judge in Trump Documents Case Sets Tentative Trial Date as Soon as August
  • CNN Poll: Trump’s GOP support appears to soften post-indictment, but he holds lead in primary field
  • The Guardian: What to know about the Hunter Biden investigation and what it means
  • Politico: The Burisma board, a laptop scandal and struggles with addiction: What to know about Hunter Biden’s legal troubles 
  • Politico: Hunter Biden reaches plea deal with feds to resolve tax issues, gun charge
  • Politico: Garland distances himself from Hunter Biden plea deal 
  • APNews: Democrats downplay Hunter Biden’s plea deal, while Republicans see opportunity to deflect from Trump 
  • SFGate: Joe Biden briefly addresses Hunter Biden plea deal at Fairmont San Francisco event 
  • The New York Times: How Trump Has Tried to Use Hunter Biden as a Way to Attack His Father 
  • The Hill: Republicans rage over Hunter Biden — with some notable exceptions
  • The Washington Post: Why Hunter Biden’s plea deal is justified 
  • Politico: House GOP’s latest fracture: How fast to try to impeach Biden
  • CNN: McCarthy warns House GOP now is not time to force vote impeaching Biden
  • Axios: House GOP fumes as the right goes “rogue” on impeachment
  • NYT – Why Robert Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 Bid Is a Headache for Biden 
  • CNN: RFK Jr. has a big primary problem: Democrats like Joe Biden
  • Axios: Biden could lose first two ’24 contests to RFK Jr.
  • Politico: Democrats buy time in fight over New Hampshire primary 
  • CNN: YouTube removed video of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for violating vaccine misinformation policy
  • Washington Blade: RFK Jr. claims chemicals in the water are turning boys transgender
  • New Yorker: Is R.F.K., Jr., the First Podcast Presidential Candidate?
  • NBC News: The conspiracy candidate: What RFK Jr.’s anti-vaccine crusade could look like in the White House 
  • Rolling Stone: RFK Jr. Claims China and the US Are Developing Race-Based Bioweapons
  • WaPo: Vaccine scientist says anti-vaxxers ‘stalked’ him after Joe Rogan’s challenge
  • Daily Beast: NewsNation to Host RFK Jr. Town Hall Amid Anti-Vax Controversy
  • Axios: Silicon Valley’s loudest moguls get behind RFK Jr.
  • NY Mag: The Guerrilla War to Stop No Labels From Electing Trump 
  • The Hill: Cornel West seeking Green Party nomination for presidential run
  • Daily Beast: Cornel West Wants to Run for President With Green Party, Ditches People’s Party 
  • NBC News: The stark numbers driving Democratic panic about a third-party 2024 bid 
  • ProPublica: Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court 
  • Vox: The Supreme Court has an ethics problem. Justice Alito’s fishing trip is the latest proof.
  • WSJ Op-Ed: Justice Samuel Alito: ProPublica Misleads Its Readers
  • NYT: Justice Alito Defends Private Jet Travel to Luxury Fishing Trip
  • WaPo: ProPublica asked about Alito’s travel. He replied in the Wall Street Journal
  • Politico: Durbin announces vote on Supreme Court ethics bill
  • WaPo: Where Supreme Court’s Clarence Thomas Ethics Accusations Might Lead