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December 07, 2021
Pod Save America
“Trump’s Covid World Tour.”

In This Episode

Democrats and journalists still haven’t figured out how to handle the threat of another Trump presidency, Senator Chris Murphy joins to talk about Congressional action on gun violence and whether Joe Biden’s economic agenda can pass by Christmas, and the White House announces a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.


Show Notes



  • WaPo: Opinion: The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump. Here’s proof. 
  • Insider: Trump responds to report that he tested positive for COVID before debate, says ‘Biden goes around coughing on people all over the place’
  • The Guardian: Trump attacks media and Mark Milley in foul-mouthed Mar-a-Lago speech 
  • WaPo: Seven days: Following Trump’s coronavirus trail 
  • Fox Breaking News: FULL Life, Liberty & Levin 
  • Axios: Vulnerable Democrats: Less Trump talk
  • CNN: Biden on report Trump tested positive for Covid-19 ahead of 2020 debate: ‘I don’t think about the former President’
  • Politico: Biden’s plan for a ‘no drama’ December 
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Recording reveals effort by Trump-tied group to bypass Gov. Tony Evers on a path to changing Wisconsin voting laws 
  • CNBC: Trump SPAC under investigation by federal regulators, including SEC 
  • CNN: David Perdue officially announces run for governor in Georgia, setting up primary challenge to Brian Kemp 
  • MSNBC: Why the Electoral Count Act is suddenly generating so much attention
  • NYT: Fearing a Repeat of Jan. 6, Congress Eyes Changes to Electoral Count Law



  • Punchbowl News: Surprising results in The Canvass
  • Politico Playbook: Return of the debt ceiling drama
  • Politico: Biden’s plan for a ‘no drama’ December
  • NYT: Dramatic Day Reveals Details About the Parents of a School Shooting Suspect
  • WaPo: More states consider laws to punish parents if children fire unsecured guns
  • National Review: Senate Dem Suggests Michigan Shooting Can Bring Lawmakers ‘Back to the Table’ on Gun Control
  • Murphy’s website: Following Mass Shooting in Michigan, Republicans Again Block Bill to Expand Background Checks



  • WSJ: U.S. Won’t Send Officials to Beijing Winter Olympics
  • AP: China attacks potential US diplomatic boycott of Olympics
  • ABC: US announces diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics in China over human rights
  • Axios: D.C.-Beijing tensions are shifting markets
  • The Hill: Rubio blocks quick votes on stalemated defense bill
  • CNN: Annual defense bill stalled in Senate
  • Foreign Policy: Trump-Branded China Hawks Look to Take Over Congress
  • Complex: Enes Kanter Freedom Tells Tucker Carlson That People Shouldn’t Criticize the United States


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