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October 05, 2020
Pod Save America
“Trump's Covid Joyride.”

In This Episode

A hospitalized Donald Trump takes a spin outside Walter Reed Medical Center and tells America not to be afraid of Covid, hundreds of people are exposed to the virus because of a White House superspreader event, and the Biden and Trump campaigns grapple with the political fallout with just 29 days left in the campaign. Then Senator Cory Booker talks to Tommy about how Washington’s Covid outbreak might affect the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.


Show Notes

Trump’s Condition                                                                           

  • USA Today: ‘Interesting journey:’ Donald Trump drives by supporters outside Walter Reed, claims progress in another video
  • NPR: Transcript: Sunday Update On Trump’s Health From His Doctors
  • Vox: Is Trump sicker than his doctors are saying? His treatment regimen raises questions
  • WaPo: Live updates: Trump’s medical team says he could be discharged from Walter Reed as soon as Monday
  • AP: Doctors: Trump’s blood oxygen level dropped twice recently
  • Buzzfeed News: Trump’s Doctor Revealed He’s On A Steroid Recommended For Severe COVID-19
  • NYT: Trump’s Covid Treatments Are Aimed at Preventing Severe
  • NPR: Timeline: What We Know Of President Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis
  • Slate: Everything We Know About When Trump Got Sick, His Treatment, and How He Is Now
  • CNN: President Donald Trump has Covid-19. How serious is his risk?
  • NYT: Trump’s doctors said they downplayed the seriousness of his illness in earlier briefings.
  • CNN: White House physician sows confusion with briefings
  • CNN: Trump furious at chief of staff for contradicting White House physician, sources say
  • NYT: For Trump, the Only Medical News Is Good Medical News
  • NYT: A timeline of statements from Trump’s doctors and aides show conflicting reports over Trump’s condition.
  • Politico: White House triggers questions and confusion about Trump’s coronavirus case
  • NYT: What to Know About Sean Conley, the White House Physician
  • Lawfare: Public Disclosure of Presidential Illnesses: The Discouraging History 
  • CNN: Congress “Gang of Eight” not briefed on Trump’s health


The Superspreader Party

  • WSJ: Trump Didn’t Disclose First Positive Covid-19 Test While Awaiting a Second Test on Thursday
  • NYT: Inside the White House Event Now Under Covid-19 Scrutiny
  • WaPo: Invincibility punctured by infection: How the coronavirus spread in Trump’s White House
  • WaPo: Rose Garden event suspected of virus outbreak alarms D.C. officials
  • CNN: Inside one celebration that helped spread the virus across the US government
  • NY Mag: Who in President Trump’s Orbit Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus?
  • WaPo: Little evidence that White House has offered contact tracing, guidance to hundreds potentially exposed
  • CNBC: GOP donors ‘freaking out’ after coming close to Trump at fundraiser hours before his positive Covid-19 test
  • Mother Jones: This Is a Scandal: Trump Knew He’d Been Exposed to COVID and Went to Raise Money Anyway
  • Vox: How the White House became a coronavirus breeding ground
  • ABC News: Trump adviser defends campaign virus precautions despite packed events, maskless attendees
  • NYT: Trump officials say his illness shows the futility of precautions, many of which he did not take.
  • The Hill: Trump campaign defends lack of COVID-19 precautions before president’s diagnosis


The Political Impact

  • Reuters: Biden leads by 10 points as majority of Americans say Trump could have avoided coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  • ABC News: Nearly 3 in 4 think Trump did not take appropriate virus precautions: POLL
  • Morning Consult: ‘Surprised’ and ‘Worried’ Best Describe Voters’ Feelings on Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis; Slim Majority Are Satisfied With the Amount of Information They’re Getting on Trump’s Health
  • Politico: Flash poll: Majority says Trump wasn’t taking proper coronavirus precautions
  • NBC News: Biden’s national lead over Trump jumps to 14 points after debate in NBC News/WSJ poll
  • NYT: Poll Finds Voters in Two Crucial States Repelled by Trump’s Debate Behavior
  • Reuters: After Trump tests positive, Biden campaign seeks to keep focus on COVID-19 response
  • WaPo: Biden campaign says it will now disclose the result of every coronavirus test
  • Politico: ‘There’s no joy in being right’: Biden makes cautious return to the campaign trail
  • CBS News: Biden campaign pulls ads attacking Trump for now, but plows ahead with schedule
  • CNN: Trump’s campaign rocked by coronavirus one month before election
  • Politico: Shell-shocked Trump campaign seeks a way forward


What’s Next

  • Operation MAGA press release
  • Axios: Pence to hold campaign rally in Arizona 
  • NBC News: Trump campaign vows it will stay in full-motion with key players
  • NYT: With Trump Sidelined, His Campaign Promises MAGA as Usual 
  • USA Today: ‘Operation MAGA’: Trump campaign to resume in-person events with Pence Ariz. trip as president battles COVID-19
  • CNN: Biden will get tested more frequently and continue in-person campaigning
  • NYT: Biden Campaign Races to Adjust to New Uncertainty in Campaign
  • Axios: Scoop: Inside Kamala Harris’ new strategy for the VP debate
  • Politico: Debate commission accedes to Biden campaign’s ‘health and safety’ objections for VP debate
  • CNN: There will be more space between Pence and Harris at next week’s debate
  • ABC News: Biden campaign open to moving forward with debates
  • The Hill: McConnell says next debate should go forward
  • USA Today: Future of presidential debates unclear after Trump tests positive; Trump family largely ignored mask rules Tuesday
  • WaPo: Trump campaign wants no changes to debate rules, challenges leaders of debate commission
  • Politico: Trump campaign attacks a new target: The debate commission
  • The Atlantic: Suddenly, Amy Coney Barrett Might Not Have the Votes
  • Politico: Coronavirus infects 3 senators, derailing Senate schedule
  • CNN: Senate GOP’s third positive Covid-19 case threatens quick Barrett confirmation
  • Roll Call: After Republican COVID-19 positives, Senate to remain out until Oct. 19
  • ABC News: Schumer call for Supreme Court nominee to self-isolate could delay quick confirmation
  • Schumer statement