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March 12, 2020
Pod Save America
“Trumpism fuels a pandemic.”

In This Episode

Description: Donald Trump’s disastrous Oval Office address fails to calm Americans, Republicans fight Democratic proposals to provide economic relief, Joe Biden inches closer to an insurmountable pledged delegate lead, and Bernie Sanders vows to debate on Sunday. Then Governor Gavin Newsom talks to Dan about what the state of California is doing to battle the coronavirus pandemic.


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Mini Tuesday

  • AP: ‘Very much alive’: Biden victorious in 4 more primary states
  • Politico: Biden closes in on Democratic nomination
  • WaPo: With wins in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi, Biden appears to be on an unstoppable march to the nomination
  • WaPo: Joe Biden rolls up victories as Bernie Sanders struggles for a foothold in the Democratic race
  • WaPo: The Trailer: The suburbs, young voters, the Trump base and more of what mattered in Tuesday’s primaries
  • FiveThirtyEight – Election Update: Sanders Needs Something Extraordinary To Happen
  • Politico Magazine -Michigan Romp Shows Biden Could Rebuild Democrats’ ‘Blue Wall’ vs. Trump 
  • Vox: Biden turned out a new, key group on Tuesday: Working-class white voters
  • Vox: The current state of the Biden-Sanders delegate math, explained 
  • NYT: Joe Biden Is Poised to Deliver the Biggest Surprise of 2020: A Short, Orderly Primary
  • NYT: 5 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Democratic Primaries
  • Vox: 2 winners and 3 losers from Tuesday’s Democratic primaries
  • WaPo: Exit polls from the 2020 Michigan Democratic primary and other contests
  • Politico: Biden campaign to Sanders supporters: ‘We’d love to have you’
  • The Atlantic – Joe Biden Is the Candidate of the Resistance
  • WaPo: Who are the Sanders supporters Biden needs to win over to unify the Democratic Party? 
  • NYT: Democrats’ Best News – Turnout is up. Way up
  • WaPo: Sanders pinned his candidacy on an intractable problem: Getting young people to vote
  • NPR: Here Are The Voters Who Powered Biden To His ‘Big Tuesday’ Wins
  • NY Mag – Bernie’s Whole Campaign Was Based On a Misreading of the 2016 Election
  • New Yorker – Bernie Sanders’s Electability Argument Falls Apart in Michigan
  • NYT: This Is Not the Moment for Progressives to Despair
  • NY Mag –  Joe Biden Is a Tool (But Progressives Can Use Him)
  • NY Mag – Biden’s Win May Just Be a Brief Setback for the Millennial Left
  • The Atlantic – Bernie Sanders Was Wrong About America
  • The Atlantic – It’s Over
  • CNN: Joe Biden’s got this
  • NYT Upshot – Sanders’s Big Problem Isn’t the Delegate Math. It’s the Voters.
  • FiveThirtyEight – Joe Biden Now Has A Clear Path To Be The Democratic Nominee
  • BuzzFeed – The Week Bernie Sanders Realized He Was Losing
  • Vox: Bernie Sanders’s failure to win over black voters on Tuesday could doom his campaign
  • The Atlantic – Bernie Sanders Reached Out to Black Voters. Why Didn’t It Work?
  • New Yorker – Last Stop, Joe Biden
  • Politico: Sanders to press on against Biden after primary losses
  • WaPo: Democratic primaries highlights: Sanders to remain in race despite another round of difficult losses to Biden
  • WaPo: Bernie Sanders sounds like he may be giving himself an off-ramp
  • NYT: Read Bernie Sanders’s Full Speech About Staying in the Race
  • WSJ: DNC to Hold Phoenix Presidential Debate With No Audience
  • WaPo: Why Bernie Sanders should stay in even if he’ll lose
  • WaPo: Trump will corrupt everything in sight to beat Biden. Here’s what’s next. 
  • Vox: Biden and Sanders are canceling rallies over coronavirus. Why won’t Trump? 
  • NYT: Elizabeth Warren Is Unlikely to Endorse Bernie Sanders. Here’s Why.


  • Hopkins coronavirus tracker
  • ABC News: Dow plunges into bear market after selloff from coronavirus fears
  • WaPo: White House considers moving all of Europe to Level 3 travel advisory
  • Politico: ‘It’s going to get worse’: Health officials warn of coronavirus escalation
  • NYT: This is a global pandemic, the W.H.O. says.
  • BBC News: Coronavirus: Up to 70% of Germany could become infected
  • WSJ: Trump Administration to Delay April 15 Tax Deadline for Most Individuals 
  • Politico: U.S. tops grim coronavirus milestone: 1,000 cases
  • FiveThirtyEight: Campaigning In The Time Of Coronavirus Presents A Ton Of Problems
  • NPR: Biden And Sanders Cancel Election Night Events Due To Coronavirus Concerns
  • NYT: Sanders and Biden Cancel Events as Coronavirus Fears Upend Primary
  • Atlantic: The Coronavirus Campaign
  • Politico: DNC nixes audience for Phoenix debate over coronavirus concerns
  • NYT: Coronavirus and 2020 Elections: What Happens to Voting in an Outbreak
  • Trump tweet about Vanity Fair
  • ABC News: Trump, Pence flout government coronavirus guidance to stop shaking hands
  • CNN: Trump announces new campaign event after Democrats cancel rallies over public health concerns
  • CNN: Trump campaign ‘proceeding as normal’ during coronavirus pandemic
  • Politico: Trump fears emergency declaration would contradict coronavirus message
  • WaPo: The Finance 202: Trump keeps politics first in coronavirus response. That could slow his fiscal package
  • WSJ: Lawmakers Rebuff Trump on Payroll-Tax Suspension for Outbreak
  • USA Today: ‘Working on details’: Trump delays release of economic package for businesses, workers hurt by coronavirus
  • NYT: Talks Begin on Stimulus Plan as Trump Plays Down Virus Threat
  • NYT: Trump Pitches Coronavirus-Related Stimulus Package on Capitol Hill
  • Bloomberg: Trump Tells GOP He Wants Payroll Tax Waived Through Election
  • Politico: Trump embarks on an epic fight to prop up the economy
  • NYT: Democrats and the White House Race to Strike Deal for Coronavirus Relief Package
  • CNBC: Senate Democrats unveil relief proposal in response to coronavirus outbreak
  • Daily Beast: Trump Is Seething Over Having to Work With Pelosi on a Coronavirus Response
  • NPR: Democrats Unveil Economic Plans To Help Communities Impacted By Coronavirus
  • Vox: The high-stakes fight over a coronavirus economic stimulus package, explained
  • CNN: Biden tests role as empathetic answer to Trump during coronavirus crisis
  • The Hill: Biden to deliver address on coronavirus on Thursday
  • HuffPo: Bernie Sanders Slams Trump For Saying ‘Stupid’ Things As Coronavirus Spreads
  • The Hill: Biden on Trump’s coronavirus response: ‘I wish he would just be quiet’