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March 23, 2023
Pod Save America
"Trump Without the Handcuffs.”

In This Episode

The world waits for a Manhattan jury to indict Donald Trump. Strict Scrutiny’s Leah Litman joins to break down the strength of D.A. Alvin Bragg’s case. And Tiny D pokes Trump as he continues to shrink in the polls.

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Show Notes



  • Punchbowl: Senate shrugs at House GOP’s Trump defense
  • Playbook: Playbook: Trump waits, DeSantis jabs, Scott preps 
  • NYT: How an Indictment and Arrest of Donald Trump Could Unfold
  • NYT: Trump at Mar-a-Lago: Magical Thinking and a Perp-Walk Fixation
  • NYT: The Politics of a Trump Indictment
  • NYT: DeSantis, Doubling Down, Presses Questions About Trump’s Character
  • NYT: Prosecutor in Trump Case Wades Into Treacherous Political Waters 
  • Politico: Stop Overthinking It: An Indictment Would Be Bad For Trump
  • NYT: The Legal Intricacies That Could Make or Break the Case Against Trump
  • Politico: Playbook: Unpacking Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump
  • NBC: Grand jury looked set for potential Trump indictment but didn’t meet
  • NBC: How Trump could be indicted: What to know about the hush money case
  • CNN: Grand jury indictments, explained
  • Texas Tribune: How an old law found new life in lawsuit seeking to revoke approval of abortion pill