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May 21, 2020
Pod Save America
“Trump hits the Hydroxy.”

In This Episode

The President takes a dangerous drug to own the libs, Ted Cruz gets in a Twitter fight with the pod, our new Change Research poll shows Joe Biden with a small lead in Michigan, and Republicans are done with helping the economy. Then Dave Weigel of the Washington Post talks to Dan about the digital strategies shaping the Biden and Trump campaigns.

Show notes

Trump Takes His Own Advice

  • CNN: Republican congressman says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine too
  • Vox: Trump dismisses hydroxychloroquine study that undermines him as a “Trump enemy statement”
  • Politico: Trump’s drug surprise triggers a White House playbook: Defend and clean up
  • NYT: Trump Says He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Prompting Warning From Health Experts

Pod Save America v. Ted Cruz

  • The Atlantic: ‘Obamagate’ Is Just Trump’s Latest Effort at Distraction
  • Politico: Barr throws cold water on Trump’s ‘Obamagate’ campaign
  • Politico: Trump administration declassifies full Susan Rice email sent on Inauguration Day
  • Axios: Declassified Susan Rice email describes Comey’s concerns with Flynn
  • USA Today: Susan Rice responds to ‘dishonest accusations’ after email about Obama meeting on Flynn declassified
  • WaPo: The shape-shifting genius of Obamagate
  • Yahoo News: Biden responds to President Trump’s ‘Obamagate’ tweets
  • NBC News: Trump allies push ‘Obamagate,’ but record fails to back them up

Trump and the Republicans to America: Drop Dead

  • CNN: Republicans pump brakes on new coronavirus stimulus spending
  • The Hill: White House adviser says fourth stimulus package may not be necessary
  • The Hill: McConnell: No need yet for fifth coronavirus relief bill
  • WaPo: President Trump’s senior advisers now predict swift economic recovery, despite warnings that major problems could persist
  • Bloomberg: Trump, GOP Leaders Bet on Reopening Over Stimulus for Recovery
  • NYT: Fed Chair Says Economic Recovery May ‘Stretch’ Through End of 2021
  • WSJ: Powell Says Washington Will Need to Spend More to Battle Downturn
  • Bloomberg: GOP Rekindles Deficit Concerns, Adding Snag to Talks on Aid
  • WSJ: Deficit Fears Put Senate Republicans and Trump on Coronavirus Collision Course
  • LA Times: McConnell’s coronavirus business liability pledge sparks lobbying frenzy
  • NY Mag: Republican-Run States Are Hurting For Money, Too
  • Reuters: Pelosi sees negotiations on new $3 trillion coronavirus legislation: CBS
  • WaPo: White House opens door to state aid despite opposition from conservative groups, some GOP lawmakers
  • Bloomberg: Pelosi Wants Democrats to Move First in Devising Next Stimulus
  • Politico: Dems shift coronavirus attacks on Republicans to ‘real graveyard’
  • WaPo: The Fed chairman sides with Nancy Pelosi
  • NBC News: Democrats accuse Republicans of ‘bad faith’ as they invoke national debt to pause pandemic aid
  • WaPo – Trump expresses opposition to extending unemployment benefits enacted in response to pandemic
  • The Hill – Fight emerges over unemployment benefits in next relief bill
  • NYMag – Trump Wants to Lower Unemployment Benefits Amid Record Unemployment
  • WSJ – Next Wave of Coronavirus Stimulus Payments Hinges on Debate Over Reopening Economy
  • Forbes – The GOP Alternative To More Stimulus Checks: Tying Aid To Work


  • CNN – Trump has a real shot of winning
  • WaPo – Trump-Biden voters could decide the 2020 election
  • WaPo – 49 of 50 governors have better coronavirus poll numbers than Trump
  • CNN – State polls suggest Biden has a clear national lead
  • FiveThirtyEight – Are Older Voters Turning Away From Trump?
  • CNN – Why Trump’s enthusiasm edge over Biden could matter
  • NYT – Trump’s Ratings on the Virus Are Sagging. Why Isn’t Biden Surging?