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May 01, 2024
Pod Save America
Trump Details His Dictatorial Plans

In This Episode

Lovett and guest host Tim Miller discuss Donald Trump’s mind-boggling interview with TIME Magazine, in which he details his plans to use the military to deport immigrants, allow states to monitor women’s pregnancies, jack up prices on all imported goods, and much more. Plus, the Biden administration moves to reclassify weed, riot police move in on campus protestors, and Drew Barrymore asks Kamala Harris for a very special favor.

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  • TIME – Key Details: How Far Trump Would Go (By Eric Cortellessa)
  • NYT Mag: Donald Trump Has Never Sounded Like This (by Charles Homans)
  • NYT: Biden and Democrats Seize on Trump’s Striking Interview




  • NYT: Justice Dept. Plans to Recommend Easing Restrictions on Marijuana
  • Gallup: Grassroots Support for Legalizing Marijuana Hits Record 70%
  • Politico: Biden administration poised to weaken weed restrictions, a seismic shift from decades of harsh policies
  • Axios: Biden admin moves to ease U.S. marijuana restrictions
  • Warren Press Release: Warren, Fetterman, Schumer, Blumenauer, Lee, 16 Lawmakers to DEA: Move Swiftly to Reschedule Marijuana
  • NYT: Biden Campaigns on Abortion Rights in Florida, Tying State Ban to Trump
  • CNN: Biden looks to use abortion rights to put Florida in play in November
  • AP: Biden blames Trump for Florida’s 6-week abortion ban, says women nationwide face health crisis
  • Axios: Exclusive: Biden opens first field office in Florida




  • USATODAY: Drew Barrymore tells VP Kamala Harris ‘we need you to be Momala,’ draws mixed reactions
  • TheWrap: Megyn Kelly Dismisses Kamala Harris’ Interview With Drew Barrymore as ‘Her Normal Air Sandwich’ | Video