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May 04, 2023
Pod Save America
Trump and CNN Together Again

In This Episode

Donald Trump is making nice with CNN, snubbing Fox’s debate, and throwing an NBC reporter’s phone. President Biden and Democrats consider break glass options to avoid a debt default. Chasten Buttigieg chats with Lovett about his new book. And later, the racist texts that may have gotten Tucker Carlson fired. 


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Show Notes



  • WaPo: There remains little value in broadcasting Trump’s comments live
  • WaPo: CNN and Trump set aside beef for ‘town hall,’ and both draw fire for it
  • BusinessInsider: CNN CEO Chris Licht marks one year on the job with a network rebrand, upcoming ad campaign, and a Trump town hall
  • MSNBC: Trump’s threats to skip debates are a problem of the GOP’s making
  • WaPo: Republicans aim to disrupt general election debates amid Trump complaints
  • VanityFair: “Get Him Out of Here”: Donald Trump Tossed NBC Reporter’s Phones During Tirade Aboard Campaign Plane
  • Playbook: No one’s blinking on the debt limit anytime soon 
  • NYT: House Democrats Move to Force a Debt-Limit Increase as Default Date Looms
  • NYT: Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox Leaders: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’