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“Trophy Women” (with Kara Brown)

This week Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco discuss how little the young royals care for the young Trumps, Hope Hicks (Our Lady Of Perpetual Self-Pity), and whether Elizabeth Warren was right to shun Fox News. Then, it’s a Keep It/ Hysteria crossover episode when Kara Brown joins Megan Gailey and Tien Tran to talk about competition and how it brings out our best and our worst. And this week, another special treat as Erin chats with Rebecca Nagle, the host of This Land, a new Crooked Media podcast. And, as always, the hills we’ll die on.

Show Notes:

Thoughts on competition:

Feminine Foes: New science explores female competition 
Why women compete with each other
Ball breakers

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