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June 16, 2022
Pod Save America
"Too Much Crime On Their Hands."

In This Episode

The January 6th committee makes the case that Donald Trump broke the law, election results in South Carolina and Texas offer hints about November, committee member Elaine Luria joins to talk about today’s big hearing, and later, we close out with a round of Take Appreciator.


Show Notes 

January 6 

  • CNN: ​​The 22 wildest lines from Donald Trump’s 12(!)-page statement on the January 6 committee
  • NPR: The Jan. 6 committee has postponed its Wednesday hearing and will next meet Thursday
  • CNN:January 6 committee has footage that challenges Capitol Police findings over alleged role of GOP congressman
  • WaPo Op-Ed Greg Sargent: Why today’s Jan. 6 revelations will be dangerous for Trump WaPo: New details emerge of Oval Office confrontation three days before Jan. 6



  • Politico: Trump bet on 13 candidates in Tuesday’s primaries. Here’s who won. 
  • WaPo: Rice goes down, Mace hangs on 
  • WaPo: 4 takeaways from the elections in Texas, South Carolina and Nevada 
  • The Atlantic: The Triumph of a Sometimes-Trump Republican
  • WaPo: A small county in New Mexico shows where ‘big lie’ delusions can lead
  • Texas Monthly: After Years of Victory Laps, the GOP Has Actually Won a Big South Texas Race NYT: G.O.P. primary victories in Nevada set the stage for Trump-centered battles in the fall. 
  • Texas Tribune: Republicans flip U.S. House seat in South Texas, historically a Democratic stronghold
  • NYT: Two Targets of Trump’s Ire Take Different Paths in South Carolina


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