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June 10, 2022
Pod Save America
“This Season On Insurrection.” (Live from LA!)

In This Episode

What a Day host Tre’vell Anderson joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan live in Los Angeles! The bipartisan House select committee concluded its first primetime hearing into the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, California election results make it clear that progressives have some work to do, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan joins from the Summit of the Americas, and the hosts battle it out in a game called Rainbows vs. Boat Shoes.



Show Notes 

January 6 

    • Rep. Adam Schiff thread 
    • AP: ‘Will we do our duty?’ Cheney lays her legacy on the line 
    • Vox: What to expect from the January 6 hearings 
    • The Guardian: Inaugural January 6 hearing to track activities of Proud Boys during Capitol attack
    • Politico: The latest House-Senate GOP split: How to respond to Jan. 6 hearings 
    • CBS: Nick Quested, filmmaker who followed Proud Boys, set to testify at first Jan. 6 committee hearing
    • CNN: January 6 panel eyes Trump’s culpability as hearings begin 
    • NYT’s The Argument: Best- and Worst-Cast Outcomes of the Jan. 6 Public Hearings. 
    • CNN: Former prosecutor suggests five factors that will make or break Jan. 6 hearings Politico: The Democrats Plan a Full Media Blowout Over Jan. 6 
    • NYT: The Anticlimax of the Jan. 6 Hearings 
    • The Atlantic: The January 6 Hearings Can Change Everything, if We Let Them 
    • WaPo: Please, Democrats, no showhorses at the Jan. 6 hearings 
    • NYT: Jan. 6 Hearings Give Democrats a Chance to Recast Midterm Message 
    • WaPo: The Jan. 6 committee’s audience won’t match Watergate’s. But it should 
    • CNN: Don’t look to Watergate and Army-McCarthy for guidance on January 6 hearings Truthout: Former Trump Counsel May Testify During Jan. 6 Public Hearings This Month 
    • NBC: One of the first officers injured on Jan. 6 will testify in public House hearing 
    • The Wrap: Jan. 6 Congressional Hearings: Networks Tee Up Live History for ‘Unprecedented’ Primetime TV Spectacle 
    • CNN: Former ABC News executive working with January 6 panel on upcoming hearings 
    • Fivethirtyeight: What Would Make The Jan. 6 Hearings Change Minds 
    • WaPo: Democrats aren’t counting on Jan. 6 committee hearings to help them with voters 
    • Vox: The RNC’s January 6 committee strategy seeks some distance from Trump’s election lies 



  • Playbook: A bad night for California progressives and Donald Trump
  • NYT: Rick Caruso and Karen Bass head to a runoff in the Los Angeles mayor’s race.
  • Politico: LA mayor’s race: Bass and Caruso to face off in November 
  • NYT: Takeaways From the California Primary Election 
  • WaPo: Centrists’ new war on crime is also a war on the left 
  • NYT: California Sends Democrats and the Nation a Message on Crime 
  • CNN: California voters send a stark message to Democrats on crime and homelessness 
  • LA Times: Did fed-up California voters really rebuke the left on election day? Not exactly 
  • LA Times: California election takeaways: Big money dominated as voters didn’t show up CNN: California, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and other states hold primaries 
  • NYT: Voters in San Francisco topple the city’s progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin.
  • SF Gate: After getting recalled, Chesa Boudin gives his thoughts on why that happened 
  • LA Times: Locked in a tight race, Sheriff Villanueva forced into runoff election 


Jake Sullivan 


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