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July 20, 2023
Pod Save America
Third Crime's The Charm

In This Episode

Donald Trump faces a third indictment—his most serious yet. Ron DeSantis’s reset isn’t off to a great start and other Republican candidates are climbing the polls in New Hampshire. Joe Biden’s campaign fires its first shots. And later, Mueller investigation prosecutor Andrew Weissmann joins to break down the week’s big legal news.


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Show Notes



  • NYT: Trump Faces Possible Indictment in Capitol Attack Investigation
  • Just Security: Trump on Trial: A Model Prosecution Memo for Federal Election Interference Crimes
  • Politico: Trump says he’s received a target letter from special counsel Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 investigators
  • NYT: Republicans Shrug at Latest Possible Trump Indictment
  • NYT: A Looming Indictment
  • CNN: Haberman reveals how Trump feels about letter from federal prosecutors
  • WaPo: Dissecting Trump’s Truth Social post on his Jan. 6 probe-target letter
  • CNN: Trump’s team seeks to learn whether special counsel has evidence, witnesses they don’t know
  • Playbook: Is Trump’s third indictment imminent?
  • Messenger: Senate Republicans Mostly Shrug Off Another Potential Trump Indictment; at Least One Worries
  • Axios: GOP’s uncomfortable Trump defense
  • Daily Beast: Fox News Reacts to Trump’s Jan. 6 Target Letter by Asking About… Hunter Biden
  • The Hill: Gaetz says he’ll offer bill to defund Jack Smith investigations of Trump
  • NYT: Michigan Charges 16 in False Elector Scheme to Overturn Trump’s 2020 Loss
  • Politico: Michigan AG charges 16 GOP activists who falsely claimed to be electors in bid to aid Trump
  • Video statement: AG Nessel Charges 16 ‘False Electors’ with Election Law and Forgery Felonies
  • WaPo: Michigan indicts alleged plotters in fake elector scheme. Here’s what it means.
  • AJC: Michigan fake-elector charges could mean trouble in Georgia
  • NYT: Trump’s Conspirators Are Facing the Music, Finally 



  • CNN: CNN exclusive: DeSantis downplays concerns about the state of his 2024 campaign
  • NYT: DeSantis, in Rare CNN Interview, Defends His Struggling Campaign
  • WaPo: DeSantis knocks Trump for Jan. 6 but says he didn’t act with criminal intent 
  • Axios: DeSantis pivots on Trump indictment news
  • WaPo: A brief history of DeSantis comments — and dodges — on Trump and Jan. 6
  • Politico: There Is No Ron DeSantis 2.0 
  • Politico: Trump probe knocks DeSantis off course — and to the back of the news
  • The Atlantic – The Humiliation of Ron DeSantis 
  • WaPo: DeSantis, others sued over alleged ‘election police’ voter intimidation 
  • CNN: DeSantis defends Pentagon proposal purging ‘woke’ policy from military
  • WaPo: Florida approves Black history standards decried as ‘step backward’ 
  • Politico: DeSantis, Abbott taunt Democrats with controversial immigration moves
  • NBC News: Asian American advocates slam DeSantis for land law that they say ‘will legalize Asian hate’
  • CBS – Trump holds lead over DeSantis in New Hampshire Republican presidential primary poll 
  • WaPo: Three warning signs for Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire
  • CNN: Burgum announces he has met fundraising requirement for first GOP presidential primary debate
  • FiveThirtyEight: The Creative Fundraising Tactics Some Republicans Are Using To Make The Debate Stage
  • NY Post: Iowans disapprove of Trump jab at Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds: poll
  • Rolling Stone: Private GOP Polling Data Reveals Why DeSantis’ Campaign Is Sputtering
  • NY Post: Wilbur Ross to host Hamptons event for emerging White House hopeful Glenn Youngkin
  • NYT: Super PAC Backing Scott Plans $40 Million Ad Campaign 
  • Politico: Can Tim Scott, aka ‘The Happy Warrior,’ throw a punch?
  • Puck – The Great Tim Scott Fantasy
  • Insider – GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott says the 2020 election wasn’t ‘stolen,’ but contends that ‘there was cheating’
  • CNN: Deep-pocketed donors give fresh attention to Tim Scott’s long-shot presidential bid
  • Politico: Tim Scott is the longshot candidate raising the most cash
  • Politico: Top donors, souring on DeSantis, start looking at Tim Scott 
  • Fox News – Tim Scott responds to Trump’s veep suggestion, kind words with a suggestion of his own 



  • Politico: Biden takes aim at Trump in campaign’s first shot of 2024
  • ABC News – Biden campaign admonishes DeSantis’ culture war fights as a ‘contrived political stunt’
  • CNN: Biden uses clips of Marjorie Taylor Greene speech for new campaign ad 
  • The Hill – Biden video mocking Marjorie Taylor Greene speech hit more than 30M views in 12 hours
  • NBC News – How Marjorie Taylor Greene has become Biden’s favorite boogeyman